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BamBoosh believes that the digital revolution is bringing a disconnect between brands and consumers. They ask the question, “is online marketing failing your business?”

LVMH, the owner of luxury brands Louis Vuitton, Chandon and Sephora, reported £53.7 billion revenue in 2019, thanks mainly to online sales. This success story example reflects the reasons why brands are pouring increasing amounts of money and resources into social media, AI and other digital experiences.


However, despite this pursuit by many companies to embrace the latest digital tools, BamBoosh is worried that brands are losing sight of the value of in-person marketing experiences to complement online endeavours. Digital marketing strategies are bringing with them a sense of ease and convenience for brands that should not be traded off against the value of building in-person connections with customers.

BamBoosh argues brands cannot afford to decide THIS or THAT – but incorporate BOTH.

There are no shortcuts for brands when looking to build long-term relationships with consumers, which is essentially what it all boils down to. If a company wants to incorporate digital strategies, they must do it in a way that remains personalized for the user – and in a way that builds a successful brand-customer relationship.

The internet is indeed a place to drive sales, but digital also has its limits. The rise of concepts such as fake news has brought with it a concerning flatline in consumer trust across social media platforms and digital advertising.

Meeting with customers in person is one of the most effective marketing solutions that brands can use to build trust and loyalty. In-person communication enables a more profound conversation to happen that digital can’t catalyse, and brands can build relationships effortlessly. While digital can portray the friendliness of a brand, nothing can replace a warm handshake with a fully accredited sales representative.

Brands that take on the direct-to-consumer approach to marketing will experience a wealth of benefits such as; a strengthened brand image, obtaining a rich source of consumer data, better personalization for the customer and an increase of referrals to friends and family.

In a short period, the internet has been able to transform the way that brands and consumers interact with each other. But everyone at BamBoosh believes that this doesn’t mean the tried-and-tested techniques of face to face marketing are no longer effective.

BamBoosh urge brands who want to capture the heart and minds of their customers and earn their loyalty to ensure there is a human element to their overall marketing strategy.

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