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Get Bitter To Get Better by Geoff Woliner

‘Villains. We all have them. The narcissists, sadists and sociopaths who’ve abused us. Humiliated us. Destroyed our self-esteem. And made us feel as if we have no place in this world. The self-help gurus tell us to ignore them, and that we can “Get bitter or get better”. But what if I told you that you can reclaim your confidence, step into the life you were always meant to live and win every big moment by getting bitter?’

The above paragraph is from the blurb of Geoff Woliner’s new self-help book, Get Bitter to Get Better. And if that text doesn’t seize your full attention and peak your interest for more than we don’t know what will.

In this book, you’ll learn how you can channel your pain and use your villains to:- Get the job of your dreams- Conquer your fear of public speaking- Develop bullet-proof self-esteem- Win every moment you walk into. It’s time to reclaim what your villains have taken from you. It’s time to prove them wrong, and prove you right.

Author, Geoff Woliner

Woliner has been cracking jokes since he was old enough to be grounded for it. A native of Flushing, Queens, he has spent the last 20 years entertaining audiences throughout North America with his honest, raw, sharp brand of comedy. He also worked a bunch of real jobs that mostly sucked.

Geoff founded his company, Winning Wit, in 2011 with the mission, “We write. You deliver. They love it” to ensure that everyone…from Fathers of the Bride to corporate executives to moms giving Bar Mitzvah speeches…have their moment to shine.

Since that time, Winning Wit has helped more than 2,000 people around the globe from NFL players to Brigadier Generals to rambunctious flight attendants bring their big moments to life and create lasting memories.

Geoff has been featured on Fox 5 News, WTOP Radio, New York Newsday, Kentucky Bride Magazine, Meeting Professionals International and a host of other outlets as a leader in speech writing and presentation coaching.

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–Jason D. Antos

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