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Why are students excited about classes of some teachers and avoid those of others? The answer is quite simple. The teachers who manage to get desired result and are students’ favourite just do a simple thing, they keep their students motivated. They make learning a fun and engaging experience.

Here are some tips for the teachers to keep their students motivated

Reward them for performing well

Students should find a motivation for doing any task. If they are rewarded for performing well, they will put more effort every time they are given a task. Suppose, you ask students to prepare a report on benefits of social media. Then you should also offer some reward for the best three performers so that they get a reason to do it with all their heart.

Share your experience or motivational stories

If you have overcome any obstacle in your life to get to your goal, share it with your students. Some of them may find it relatable and take motivation from that story. If you don’t have any personal story, tell them the stories of some successful athlete or scientist.

Take classes outside classroom

You should once or twice a month take classes outside the classroom. Take them to the playground and ask them to observe things. It will help them in two ways. First, it will be a departure from the regular way of learning and second, they will start observing things while studying.

Developing a friendly bond

Developing a friendly bond with your students will help them open up about their problems. Suppose, any student is finding it difficult to learn a particular subject or if he/she is facing any problem that may be affecting their studies, you should have such a relationship with them so that they could comfortably share it with you.

Maintain high energy level

If you enter your class with low level of energy, the aura of your classroom would be negative. You should go to the classroom with high and positive energy as it helps you engage with the students with enthusiasm. By maintaining a positive energy, you will be able to come up with innovative ideas for solving students’ problems.

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