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New Self-Help Book Tackles the Modern Impacts of Slavery on a People – Coeur d'Alene Press

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DALLAS – December 3, 2019 – ( )

????????????The 2060s Project, the brainchild of Ralph Harper – author, philanthropist, motivational speaker, and business owner – is the movement to ensure the eradication of illiteracy and inequality linked to Black American and underserved children in the United States by the end of the 2060s decade. This initiative was derived from Harper’s book “Own the Change – How Our Children Will Lead the Next Cultural Movement.”

Over 400 years since the first slaves were brought to America and 154 years since slavery ended in the United States, Black Americans still struggle to find solid social and prosperity footing in the country their ancestors contributed their free labor to building.

The lingering problem has been complex and at least twofold: 1. Systemic inequality practices persist. 2. Shortfalls of individual and the collective accountability of people – our citizenry. The good news is that the solution is based on a notion of living by a set of fundamental and straightforward cultural norms, practices, and principles.

“Own The Change” covers the continuum existence in the United States from the end of slavery (the 1860s) through the voting rights and civil rights era (the 1960s) before shifting focus to the future of Black Americans (the 2060s) exactly 50 years from now – Dec. 31, 2069. The book is hopeful, with predictions about a weakened cultural-dichotomy and enhanced life experiences and life outcomes for a people that is long overdue – real equality.       

Author Ralph Harper wrote the book based on profound and unshakable beliefs that by appropriately guiding Black American children and underserved children of all races in the United States to the future, the outcomes could yield hundreds of thousands of best-in-class adults with their prosperity in tow. Moreover, these individuals’ children and their children’s children will have been positively impacted by the 50-year span.

“Own The Change” is for parents, other adults with influence over children (mentors, teachers, tutors, etc.) and children – starting at age 11.

Born in Birmingham, Alabama, Harper has enjoyed a career in information technology at Equitable Life Assurance and PepsiCo and as a successful business owner for over 18 years. He’s the author of two books and one collaborative book-project with Les Brown and others. Harper is a national speaker who has stated “ Own The Change is less about the book and more about the project that has derived from it – The 2060s Project. “It’s about guiding our children to the future.”           

“Own The Change” is published by Brown Books Publishing Group. 

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