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Even though the time for summery t-shirt rides is over, autumn is still an exciting time to be a bike rider. It’s time to plan for next season (new bikes, new races, new holidays), a time to put a winter training plan together, learn new skills on the bike and simply go out and have an awesome time sliding around on muddy trails in the forest.

We’ve listed 8 things that will help you get that bike motivation back on top so that you too can go out and enjoy the crispy air, fun trails and awesome company!

1. Join a weekly ride

Do you struggle to get out in the dark after (or before) work or studies? Join a weekly ride to get some extra motivation. It is always good to have a set plan when you lack motivation. There are plenty of groups on both Facebook and Happyride for all kinds of MTB disciplines and abilities that have weekly meetups all over the country. Just join one and get pedaling!

2. Dust off the bike lights

The darkness is here and so it’s time to dust of the old bike lights from last winter. Riding in the dark could actually be one of the must fun things ever – you feel like you go twice as fast and the local bike trails (that you’ve ridden a million times) feel completely new.

Fun times in the dark!

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3. Adapt and plan the ride differently

As the days are getting shorter and the trails muddier, plan the rides accordingly. Maybe make the rides shorter or take new routes that are more fun in the autumnal conditions. Make the rides more intense or why not take a step back and make them more chilled out, enjoy slowing down for a few weeks. Plan your ride after a cozy “fika” stop so that you can warm up and re-energise halfway through the ride.

All about those coffee break stops.

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4. Make a winter fitness plan

Whether you’re a racer or not, setting a fitness goal for winter is always a good idea. If you race, maybe get some extra help from a trainer this year to make sure you reach all of your fitness goals for the next season. If you’re not into racing, it’s still a great motivator. Having a good base fitness makes riding more fun as instead of blowing your lungs out, you can focus on carrying speed and style out on the tracks.

Ida Jansson – “The Dragon” with added weight.

© Niklas Wallner

5. Set a bike skill goal

Alongside your fitness goal, you should set yourself a bike skill goal. Maybe learn to do that wheelie, manual or bunny hop that you never “have time to practice for”. Or take time to perfect your jump and cornering skills. Why not try to learn some cool tricks to foam pit and airbag while you’re at it?

Rake in some corners, build a small jump or go to the local indoor BMX hall. However big or small your goal is, autumn and winter is the perfect time to go out (or in) to practice.

6. Mix it up

Take up a new sport or way of exercising. Go to a gym, sign up for a fitness class, go to a yoga or pilates studio, take up squash or running – just do something more than just ride bikes. It will stimulate and build up different muscles to the ones you use when riding and make you both stronger and less injury-prone on the bike. Also, it will make you long for those cold, wet autumn rides – and that is the best kind of motivation!

Yoga can loosen tight muscles and strengthen your core

© Mathilde Draeger

7. Get a another type of bike

Find new motivation with a new kind of bike. Maybe get a little dirt jump bike or BMX and start hitting the local skate spots (in- and outside) or buy a gravel or CX bike and get those legs burning. It will teach you new skills and keep up your fitness levels at the same time.

Yoann Barelli Mixes It Up

8. Enter a race/book a holiday

Finally, enter a race or book a fun holiday that you can look forward too and use as a goal to get you out on the bike (or in the gym) on days when motivation is extra hard to find.

Finale Ligure – the winter escape for Scandis.

© Hanna Jonsson

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