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SINGAPORE, 18 October 2019: For companies to succeed in the digital era, the time-tested advice stands that marketing must be targeted and a travel company must know its customers.

Those were the basic observations presented by
destination marketing general manager Edison Chen at the 12th edition of ITB

Ctrip Group took to the stage to share the company’s experiences with peers at Southeast Asia’s largest travel industry’s gathering.

“Each product and every customer are different. That’s
why it’s so important to know your customer, your product, and tell your brand
story in ways that appeal,” he said. destination marketing general manager Edison Chen
and Ctrip Area General Manager Ru Yi both spoke at the trade show, the third
year that group has sponsored the exhibition held annually in Singapore.

This month, Ctrip Group celebrates the 20th anniversary of
its founding.

Over the years, the company has developed a userbase of over
300 million consumers and has expanded internationally with its brand,
serving 23 markets with 19 languages.

Chen said while industry experience was a factor in the
company’s success, it had also led in the adoption of new technologies.

“Ctrip Group has been in this industry for 20 years, and
we’ve grown to become the largest OTA in Asia. Our experience and data tell us
precisely what works in which market, and we’re glad to offer our expertise to
help destinations and partners together grow with us,” said Chen.

The other part of the equation, according to Trip area
general manager Ru Yi, was to listen to customers and identify changes in
consumption habits.

“Various factors determine whether a customer makes a
purchase on your platform — reliability, convenience, and price are all
considerations. We’re seeing price becoming a less important factor, as more
customers seek customized travel experiences,” he told ITB Asia attendees.

It was also important for companies to have a genuine
purpose and sincere desire to bring value to their customers, said Ru Yi, 

“That’s why we have always listened to our customers’
feedback, and encouraged our employees to innovate, and strived to ‘make travel
happier’ for everyone.” International is the largest online consolidator
of accommodations and transportation tickets in China in terms of transaction

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