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Using WiFi to Amplify Your Winery's Marketing Strategy –

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By: Hannah Hambleton

Expert Editorial

Winery marketing can be tough. As well as competing against other wineries, you also need to stand out against wine retailers; both on and offline. As a result, wineries need to develop strong brand awareness, customer engagement and a loyal customer base. The solution?  WiFi marketing. Not only will WiFi marketing let you accurately target customers, you’ll also understand how to engage them and keep them loyal. We’ll take a look at 4 reliable, easy to implement ways WiFi marketing will make your winery marketing strategy much more effective.

What exactly is WiFi marketing?

WiFi marketing is the process of communication with your customers through providing WiFi access from a hotspot in your winery. This coverage lets customers connect wirelessly with their smartphones, tablets or laptops, giving them access to the internet or any content wirelessly while they’re visiting your site. From a marketing perspective, WiFi has the power to create engaging strategies that really work. That’s because through offering quality WiFi, you’ll be able to collect and use reliable, user-generated data to inform your marketing strategy. This data lets you personalise every communication, creating genuine engagement and ultimately, improving your bottom line. Retailers and restaurants are using WiFi to transform their marketing strategies, creating lasting engagement both on and offline, so it’s a strategy that can’t be ignored.

How to use WiFi marketing for great results

Here are 4 ways your winery marketing can be enhanced with WiFi:

  1. Use WiFi marketing for winery customer acquisition

Tasting room traffic as a lead generator for new customers is stalling. Wineries need to develop new ways of generating new customer leads, and WiFi marketing offers a great opportunity for this. Firstly, offering free guest WiFi to new walk-in guests to your winery in return for an email log-in is an easy and effective way to start building an accurate email list, capturing data from new customers to start pushing them through loyalty and sales streams. This is great for lead generation too as you can use it for intentional acquisition and loyalty content, encouraging those customers to bring new guests to your winery. You’ll also be able to combine WiFi-collected data to boost acquisition across all other streams such as Instagram, point of sale and web traffic.

  1. Differentiate yourself from other wineries by offering your customers added value

Your customers don’t just want to buy wine, they want to have a great experience too. Offering guest WiFi is a useful way to differentiate yourself against other wine retailers and wineries, positioning yourself as a venue that customers will always want to visit. You can also use customer data such as special dates or purchase history to personalise special VIP offers, encourage upsells or offer loyalty rewards to your WiFi users, creating relevant marketing campaigns that encourage customer loyalty.

  1. Boost brand awareness of your winery online

Developing brand awareness of your winery relies on consistency across all platforms, including social media, your website and review sites such as Instagram and Tripadvisor. Offering guest WiFi makes it much easier for customers visiting you to check-in, tag and share user photos and video content from your winery across their networks, constantly developing your brand reputation. You’ll also be able to send immediate requests via Wifi for those vital online reviews, boosting both brand awareness and social proof. This is essential to encourage new customers to visit you, so it’s an essential way WiFi will benefit you.

  1. Use WiFi marketing to understand your customers and streamline CRM

WiFi marketing makes it much easier to understand your winery customers. By offering guest WiFi, you’ll develop a quality base of data on customer profiles, demographics and purchasing history, making it easy to respond to, as well as predict future customer behaviour. You’ll then be able to use this data to maximise your marketing impact, driving customers effectively through sales and loyalty funnels by responding perfectly at each touchpoint. This data will also allow you to streamline your CRM efforts, unifying both any online activities with offline experiences and connections. This consistency in communication will ensure your winery’s marketing is relevant and effective at all times.

WiFi marketing works to create engaged and loyal winery customers

When used well, in combination with quality data and strong marketing strategy, WiFi marketing will make your winery marketing work better, it’s that simple. WiFi is no longer just a nice thing to offer to your visitors. Instead, it’s a key tool for lead generation, acquisition and loyalty building. Marketing your winery in the modern marketplace can be tough, but WiFi marketing gives you the tools to create a valuable, engaging and personalised winery experience for your visitors.

Hannah Hambleton

Expert Editorial

by Hannah Hambleton,

Hannah Hambleton is the Content Manager for and writes about marketing and social media trends for retail and hospitality businesses, helping them to create loyal and engaged customers. Email address: [email protected]


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