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OVO Energy powers up sustainable marketing strategy –

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Ovo Energy has promised to cut down printed marketing materials and staff flights

Company promises to prioritise digital marketing, carbon offset any print-based messaging, and end all door drop marketing

Leading green energy supplier Ovo Energy has today unveiled a new package of commitments designed to curb the environmental impact of its marketing activity.

In what is thought to be a first for the industry, the company announced it is extending its sustainability strategy to cover its marketing and advertising initiatives following the recent appointment of former ASOS head of brand strategy, Sarah Booth, as director of brand and communications at the utility.

“As marketers, our whole careers we have been encouraged to create work that is memorable,” said Booth in a statement. “Our climate crisis and a new wave of consumer consciousness should force us to question this. What if actually the right thing to do is to be less memorable? Less impactful?

“That’s why I am committing to do everything I can to reduce and eventually eliminate the carbon footprint created in the course of marketing at OVO Energy. I hope our legacy will be to leave no legacy at all, and I hope other UK brands will adopt the same mission and assess how they too could reduce the environmental impact of their work.”

Specifically, the company said that from September it would prioritise digital formats in its media schedules and ensure all Out-of-Home advertising is digital-only and powered by renewable energy, or offset where renewable formats are unavailable.

It added that where print media is used, the corresponding carbon footprint will be offset. Significantly, the offsetting pledge also includes PR and earned media, so that all print coverage resulting from OVO Energy communications will also be offset.

Door drops will also be removed from the company’s marketing strategies altogether, while “no unnecessary flights [will be] permitted in the course of marketing work”.

Finally, the company announced that “all shoots for marketing purposes to take place at locations that use renewable energy – where this isn’t possible, a set amount will be offset for each day’s shooting”.

Adrian Letts, CEO of OVO Retail, said the new strategy was an important part of the company’s wider push to accelerate the adoption of clean energy and technologies across the UK.

“As the UK’s leading independent energy provider, we are committed to leading the charge towards a sustainable future. We are accountable for our actions and are firm believers in practicing what we preach,” he said. “With our 10th birthday coming up, it’s an important time for OVO Energy – we’re dedicated to reducing the carbon footprint of our marketing and want others to join us in being a part of this change.”

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