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Kahkonen, a physician, teacher and postdoctoral researcher at the University of Oulu in Finland, and her team studied 416 patients’ responses to a cross-sectional, explanatory survey in an attempt to uncover what drives women to adhere to secondary prevention techniques after PCI. The researchers considered adherence not just to a medication regimen but also to a healthy lifestyle, basing their work on the Kyngas theory of people with chronic disease.

The original Kyngas model calls for 38 individual items to measure adherence to any given treatment, but the idea revolves around nine major variables: responsibility, motivation, cooperation, results of care, fear of complications, sense of normality and support from next of kin, nurses and physicians. Kahkonen et al. also considered individual factors like exercise, vegetable consumption, alcohol use and mental health in their calculations.

The mean standard deviation value of adherence to treatment among the women in the study was 87.2, which was lower than adherence among the whole sample (87.8) but didn’t represent a statistically significant difference. Of the female patients, 13.7% were smokers, 52.9% consumed more than two portions of alcohol per day, 14.7% engaged in half an hour of exercise at least three times a week and 19.8% consumed vegetables in their diet.

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