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SoccerPractise wield an 'acerbic self-help mantra' they call 'Posture' – Vanyaland

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New Zealand’s SoccerPractise are here with a simple, but affirmative, message: “Head over heart, heart over pelvis – maintain your posture or you will be dealt with.”

A lyrical spin like that is usually enough to capture our attention, but layer that deadpan mantra over a bouncing garage beat and hyper-active video shot in Hong Kong, starring dancer and choreographer Sudhee Liao, and the gritty “Posture” is positioned as one of the more engagingly off-center releases of 2019.

In short, it fucking slaps.

“The song is about maintaining composure in a world of myriad contradictions and cynicism,” says SoccerPractise vocalist Geneva Alexander-Marsters. “It’s about how best intentions can can be enveloped and absorbed by chaos and things are fall apart all around you. It’s an acerbic self-help mantra, but really about how sometimes the only person you have to believe in you is you. It’s also about my parents. And Yoga.”

“Posture” will be featured on SoccerPractise’s forthcoming visual album, Te Pō, set for October release. It’s billed as “a collection of sonic dreams, visual nightmares and fragmented hallucinations set deep in the night of a strangely familiar yet unknown city,” and well holy shit SoccerPractise you certainly have our attention.

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