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It’s a vicious circle! Almost everyone who has started regular power training knows the ups and downs that come with it: one day your motivation is higher than your reserves of strength, a week later you don’t even want to pack your sports bag. But don’t worry – the ups and downs are not unusual. Take a look at the few motivation tips we prepared for you.

Motivation through reward

It sounds so simple and yet so effective. Rewards help you not to lose the enjoyment of power training. The logic behind it is simple: the brain connects something positive with the workout when it combines the effect of the reward with every completed workout. What you take as a reward is entirely up to you. How about, for example, your favorite candy or a tasty drink? Of course, in moderation, that’s clear.

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Right music during training

Nothing is more effective than music, it’s not for nothing that music plays a big role in movies with a lot of action. There is a lot of excitement and the tension is almost unbearable! The same effect occurs during training, when you put together a good playlist, your legs almost move by themselves. Depending on your current work-out, you should choose songs that match the speed of your workout. Spotify has matching workout playlists on offer, just have a look.

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Motivation through preparation and routine

This could also include the music mentioned above. In order to tune into power training, one should consciously develop routines. This can start as soon as you put on your training clothes. Turn on music that pushes you and goes through the goals for the day. Food routines before and after training are also important. Cooking can also strengthen mental setting. In addition, training boosters specially developed for athletes offer an additional incentive. Products like those from Trentostan-M provide the right “pump” during training because muscles with a lot of blood circulation increase the nutrient supply (and are therefore good for muscle building) and ensure proper motivation at the barbell bars.

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Choose the right training location

You know what it’s like: Quitting time, off to the gym! But the gym welcomes you with bad air, full changing rooms and queues at the individual gym equipment. The absolute motivation killer. Especially in summer or during rush hours, when everyone is in the studio, it can be very annoying to wait in front of every device endlessly. Here it offers itself to go out into nature. There are nature trails in parks or forests in most of the cities.

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The perfect timeframe for your training

A factor that is very often underestimated: The right time, because the motivation for the work-out is similar to the motivation for work – everyone has their work peak at a different time. There are people who are most productive in the morning, there are those who have their peak at noon or in the evening. To find out, you should simply do your training at the best time of day for you. In addition, the studios are much fuller in the evening than in the morning. So if you manage to get out of bed early in the morning, then off to the gym!

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