The Automotive Management Institute (AMi) has announced the release of two new FCA online marketing courses, “How to Create a Compelling Message when Marketing your FCA Certification” and “Marketing your FCA Certification.” These courses are designed to assist FCA Certified Collision Repair Shops maximize their FCA certification investment by understanding the most effective methods to promote their certification achievement.

AMi announced in January that it had been chosen to host the FCA Certified Collision Network’s non-technical online training in conjunction with Collision Advice Owner Mike Anderson. The goal of the training programs is to improve the return on investment for FCA certified network shops while improving the FCA customer experience.

The online courses are designed for individuals involved in administrative, management, estimating and repair planning roles. Based on the topic, online courses will start the year as highly recommended or recommended by FCA to participate in their Certified Collision Network. The online courses, though intended for FCA Collision Network shops, will be available to anyone in the industry.

“We believe these two new courses will continue to build on the original intent of this program and will bring real solutions to the question often asked about the ROI of network investments,” said Jeff Peevy, president of AMi. “Mike Anderson and his team at Collision Advice, along with the FCA staff, continue to deliver on relevant online courses aimed at achieving the best possible customer experience, operational efficiency and solid return on investment to the network shops.”

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