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Great content marketing is about more than just publishing content. Your content has to stand out – it’s got to be truly great. On this episode of the Modern Marketing Engine podcast, Bernie hosts Stephanie Stahl, the General Manager of the Content Marketing Institute. She says that the companies doing content marketing really well are those that are providing the best content. They publish content that is aimed at connecting with audiences emotionally about things that really matter to them.

Listen to this episode to learn how brands are doing great content marketing, why webinars are still very effective, what isn’t working for content marketing, and why having a clear picture of your audience’s content consumption preferences is one of the most important things to understand. As GM of the Content Marketing Institute, Stephanie brings a wealth of experience to this topic, so be sure you listen!

How Does Great Content Marketing Work Differently For B2C and B2B?

Content marketing has evolved over the years and has traditionally required different approaches for B2C and B2B brands. Today, both use a similar philosophical approach because both are aimed at attracting an engaged and loyal audience.  In both cases, the challenge is that there is so much content out there, it’s hard to create content that rises above all the noise.

The answer is to create great content all the time. Quality over quantity. Brands that are doing successful content marketing are showing their personality, speaking directly to their target audience as people, and appealing to the human desire to see the greater good served. Listen to Stephanie’s description of great content marketing and use it as a benchmark for assessing your own content marketing strategy. Are you building the trust you need to build? Are you speaking to your customer avatar in a way that appeals to them as people?

Webinars Are Still A Winner For B2B Content Marketing

Webinars have long been a mainstay as an effective content marketing tool, particularly for B2B brands. Stephanie says they are still working extremely well for many brands, though the format and approach have changed in many ways over the years. Webinars are a great way for prospective customers to spend an hour taking a deep dive into an important topic to learn something valuable that makes a connection with the brand delivering the webinar.

Research shows this to be true, as does Stephanie’s experience. She says that webinars are still a very powerful method of content marketing. Is your organization delivering webinars? Why or why not?

Does Your Content Marketing Include A Variety Of Content Types?

Content marketing isn’t just about getting attention – it’s about earning trust and credibility with your audience. That means you need to learn the formats and channels that best suit your audience. How are you doing that? You need to explore all the channels of content that your audience uses. This is known as the “Omnichannel approach.”

In most cases, your ideal audience is not focused on only one form of content. Publish many types of content and then assess what is the most effective format in reaching and engaging your audience. Stephanie points out that content marketers must study what’s effective with their particular audience. Are the channels you’re using the best ones for your audience? Is what you’re publishing resonating with your audience? It’s the only way to ensure you’re spending your time in the most productive content creating practices.

Be sure to listen to the entire episode for Stephanie’s insights and recommendations for great content marketing.

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Outline of This Episode

  • [2:49] The evolution of content marketing in B2B and B2C
  • [5:23] What are the things that are not working in the B2B space?
  • [9:17] The annual event CMI puts on: Content Marketing World
  • [16:25] A preview of the fun activities that happen at CMW
  • [18:41] Bernie’s summary of the conversation

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