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Digital marketing is a crucial element and your brand’s success depends on how well you handle this department. It does not matter whether you have the latest PDF editing software or some other tool, if you cannot handle the marketing aspect well, your online venture would struggle to survive.

Ask any marketing guru, and they will sing praises about digital marketing, not because it is trendy but because it holds the power to push any business/brand on the internet! Although digital marketing is great, you can only benefit from it if you know some workable tips and strategies.

Below, we have discussed 9 digital marketing tips that can provide great assistance if applied correctly in 2019!

  1. Social media engagement
social media
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Social media platforms are the best place to start from if one wishes to establish their brand’s website. This is because such platforms are crowded with curious people who are always on the lookout for websites that provide the best services. That being said, having a profile on every social media platform is not enough. This is because the online visitors opt for such profiles with which they share a mutual connection.

So, create a social profile and share your website’s link in the description box. Update your description information in a way that it reflects your expertise. Additionally, share articles/blogs and answer all your followers’ queries. By doing so, you will be making it possible for the right individuals to find you and form a connection with your brand’s website.

  1. Target mobile users
Social media engagement
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By now, you must have realized the importance of mobile users because if you have not, then we suggest you get out of the rock that you have been living under. Nearly everyone has a mobile device so it is natural that more and more marketers are trying to target mobile users.

That said, you can explore various mobile marketing strategies that can help market your website. Additionally, there are many companies that can market your website to users through SMS marketing services. The working behind this method is quite simple; you prepare a suitable draft which is then sent out.

You can customize the SMS draft to include a little information about your brand’s services/products. Then, finalize your draft by including your website’s URL.

  1. Utilize email marketing
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The concept of email marketing is similar to SMS marketing. The only difference lies in the way you create email content. Since you want people to open and read your emails, you need to create compelling subject lines to grab their attention. When it comes to the body, you can share your website’s link in a bid to market it. However, people would only be impressed if you create the captivating email content. So to grab online users’ attention, you can share content like useful tips, current trends, and information about your latest products/services. Finish your emails with a link to your website and the right crowd would come running to your online joint.

  1. Subtle promotion on Reddit
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Reddit is the largest platform that hosts subreddits where people share their stories and opinions. Since Reddit has provided its users with a community that feels like home, any kind of blatant marketing is not welcomed there. So you need to be careful when it comes to marketing your website.

Instead of posting your URL everywhere, start by joining the platform as a person and provide useful tips and tricks whenever necessary. Once you have formed a loyal following, only then you should promote your website. That way, your followers would not be put off by your marketing aspect!

  1. Join Facebook communities
Facebook custom audiences in business
Utilising Facebook effectively could lead to new business opportunities. Photo by Porover, Bigstock.

Targeted or niche-related communities are the golden mines for businesses. This is because such communities allow them to connect with influencers and market their products/services. It also enables them to communicate with and provide assistance to their target audience.

To begin with, find Facebook communities that operate in your niche and start chatting with the people there. Go through all the posts and leave relevant comments. You could also share your content along with your website’s URL and invite individuals to visit it for further assistance.

Facebook communities create a win-win situation because it connects you with your target audience, lets you know their concerns and enables you to market your website in a subtle way.

  1. Create and share infographics


The online audience is a sucker for good visual content and infographics seems to do the job quite effectively! The idea of creating infographics may seem taxing; however, it does not have to be hard. That said, you do not have to rely on state-of-the-art designing skills because you can get decent infographics through PowerPoint (Hint: you can also use free templates)

Additionally, make sure to include your URL at the bottom of the infographics. That way, people would know which link to follow if they find the content interesting! Here is an example.

  1. Hold contest on the internet
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People love a good deal and when they realize that a certain website keeps holding giveaways or contests, they will visit it more than often. Keeping this in mind, you can dedicate an entire section of your website to contests and hold them in whatever form you like.

There are various types of contests so it all depends on you and your needs. Also, do not forget to ask the users to include elements like hashtags or URL to further promote your website.

  1. Investigate SEO opportunities
SEO - optimization
SEO is essential for increasing the exposure of a business. Photo: Yra1105, Bigstock.

Optimizing one’s website for SEO is a fool-proof way of increasing the website’s visibility. When it comes to SEO, there are a number of practices, manipulation of which will ensure a high position of your website in the SERPs. The use of keywords plays an important role in search engine visibility. So go through all the long-tailed and short-tailed keywords and try to integrate them naturally for best SEO results.

To find out which keywords will be best for your website, go through Google’s Keyword Planner!

  1. Podcasting
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Podcasts are like radio shows but stronger, better and offer more information. Also, with podcasts, listeners have the choice of downloading the content and listening to it whenever they like.

You can create your own podcast, where you not only promote your website but also offer useful information. So activities like; interviewing experts, going through the latest industry trends, and answering users’ queries from other platforms can help you form a solid following. Once you have that, you can throw in a little bit of advertising to promote your brand or website.


Promoting one’s website can be a little tough in 2019 especially if one is just starting out in a specific niche. Additionally, limited budgets can also hinder businesses from enjoying the right attention. This is why we have enlisted only such practices that cost little to no money.

That said, we have done our part of enlisting useful strategies. Now, it all depends on you, your needs and how well you implement these strategies. So, go through your needs and manipulate the above-mentioned strategies to fit your requirements!

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