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Online Marketing Agency, fishbat, Explains 3 Reasons Why Spring May Be the Perfect Time to Run Contests for Your Brand – PRNewswire

PATCHOGUE, N.Y., May 7, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — In an ongoing task to assist companies in self-development, online marketing agency, fishbat, explains 3 reasons why spring may be the perfect time to run contests for your brand.

Taking advantage of marketing opportunities and offering contests to customers through social media will help to promote and expand your market. When attempting to indorse your brand, it is essential to know the best time of the year to offer different promotions and contests and how to use those contests to your advantage. Below are three reasons why spring is the perfect time take advantage of this opportunity.

Spring Into Action

Winter has the ability to keep customers in their homes and limit their shopping. Warmer weather is a welcoming change for brands and companies attempting to make sales. As the winter begins to cease and warmer weather takes control, new life will resurface as the nation turns green again, and customers take advantage of the season. Running a contest for your brand during this time will have your customers talking about and sharing your contest with others, expanding upon your market. Take this opportunity to grasp old customers who may not have been active through the winter months, as well as gaining new customers who may just be hearing about your brand for the first time.

Spring Into Holidays

Easter, Mother’s Day, and Earth Day are all holidays celebrated during the season of spring. Gifts are heavily associated with both Easter and Mother’s Day. Depending on what your brand represents, choose the holiday that fits your brand most appropriately, and let the contest begin. Use these holidays as prime opportunities to run a contest, with the winning prize either a premium product or service offered by your brand. Use social media accounts to promote the contest, requiring entry to be both an acknowledgment and share of the contest to help with promotion and encourage other customers to participate.

Spring Into Tax Season

The months of March and April can be financially beneficial for a variety of your customers. With the onset of tax returns, promoting your brand through contests during this time of year will encourage customers to not only participate, but take a viewing at your other products or services. Customers will be exhilarated to continue their shopping habits that were hibernating during the colder months. Depending on your brand, you can promote a contest that offers an entry to those who can provide proof that they have filed their taxes by the due date. Not only does this increase those that participate in your contest, but it also keeps your brand at the top of mind when they receive their returns.

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