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Over the past few years, Instagram has climbed the social media ladder, making its way up to one of (if not the) most popular platform for B2C marketers.

With the rise of Instagram Influencers paired with its offering of marketing tools for community engagement and shopping (like Shopping Tags, Checkout on Instagram, etc.), Instagram supports businesses well. In particular, these tools can help B2C businesses reach their ROI goals on the platform – but what about B2B brands?

Instagram isn’t just a place for B2C brands; it offers a great deal of value for B2B brands as well. For example: Instagram is a great place to spread brand awareness for any brand. B2B brands can also use features like Stories or their bio link to drive website traffic or share UGC content to connect with their audience.

Last week, we held an #SMTLive Twitter chat to discuss all the ways B2B brands can find success on Instagram.

We talked about:

  1. Common struggles for B2B marketers on Instagram

  2. Goals that Instagram can help B2B brands reach

  3. Different types of B2B content strategy for Instagram

  4. The best features of Instagram for marketers

Keep reading for the recap of our chat, including great tips to help you improve your B2B Instagram marketing strategy.

1. Common struggles for B2B marketers on Instagram

What do B2B brands struggle with the most on Instagram? 

Of course, as all of this goes, content strategy and brand goals depend on the business. Every brand will experience different issues and will need to develop a unique strategy to allign with their goals, but there still are a few common struggles most B2B brands face.

This poll shows that everything from content creation to measuring ROI to community engagement is difficult (but not impossible) for B2B brands on Instagram.

2. Goals that Instagram can help B2B brands reach

What goals can B2B brands use Instagram to reach?

Many B2B brands turn to social media as a referal channel for website traffic goals. Instagram is no exception; especially now that Stories and Highlights exist on the platform.

Brand awareness is a huge one. If this is all you are using Instagram for, ROI might be dificult to measure but a strong content and engagement strategy on Instagram can go a long way in reaching this goal.

Not only can Instagram help with brand awareness, but also relateabiliy through the humanization of the brand.

Brands with successful Facebook ads can also use Instagram as an extention to reach their Facebook ad goals.

2. Different types of B2B content strategy for Instagram

It’s hard to talk about a content strategy without knowing the company goals, but we discussed a few content strategies we often see on Instagram. 

Should you share company culture photos on your feed?

Sharing company culture Stories or photos in the feed can make your audience feel more connected and involved in the life of the company, but this strategy doesn’t work for everyone. Again, the content you share depends on your company voice and goals.

If you have a fun and visually appealing office space, showing off some BTS videos or photos can be awesome content for your Instagram. Just like many B2C brands have started to focus on making “Instagramable products” for pretty posts and better UGC, B2B brands need to do the same for their content. If you have a dark and dreary office space, maybe don’t share photos of that space.

Regardless of your workspace, you should be able to find some way to share who you are as a company and what you represent as a brand. Anything is better than a stock image on Instagram.

Sharing company culture is also a great strategy for recruiting.

How can you repurpose your own content and utilize UGC in a way that is engaging?

If you already have a strong content strategy you use for inbound marketing, using pieces of your own content to create new, visually appealing content is a tactic many marketers use.

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