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While it might seem obvious that tracking results and gathering analytics from your marketing strategies will be helpful in the long run, many businesses can be stuck on where to start, or they haven’t adapted their strategies as online tools have progressed. At TurboTenant, we have tracked our data using platforms such as Hubspot from day one — this has enabled us to be more effective in our marketing processes and become one of the fastest-growing free landlord websites in the United States. Learning to track and record your results in a practical way will enable you to remain nimble so you can adapt and modify your strategies based on quantitative data.

There will always be initial costs when investing in marketing automation, both financially and time-wise. Keeping a long-term view of things will help you recognize the ROI and the importance of implementing early. The goal is to make sure you know how to measure that success as well. Ask yourself what progress looks like, and what metrics will help you define that.

Many marketing professionals can’t measure their efforts properly or see how their marketing strategies have impacted their businesses — especially when it comes to social media. And according to one marketer“With the rise of digital marketing, there’s no longer an excuse for failing to keep up with data.” While it might depend on your resources, there are solutions and tools to help every person in the real estate industry get the data and, even more importantly, the results that matter.

Why You Need Innovative Marketing For Your Business

Having a data-driven strategy, in addition to compelling creative pieces, is one of the most effective strategies for seeing results. You need great copy, engaging social media posts, graphics and written content that solves the needs of your customer’s most pressing problems. Marketing automation allows you to test messaging and creative pieces quickly so adapting your strategy becomes easier. You can find what most resonates with your audience quickly and align your content strategies appropriately.

Furthermore, marketing automation and online tools can be personalized to your business. You can target specific demographics that correspond to your key audiences in order to convert a higher number of the right customers. With all the tools available to help marketing, data and creative approaches no longer have to be mutually exclusive, but rather can work together to master the art of innovative, high-quality and relevant content. You have the ability to modify and adapt your creative approach to whatever methods or tactics seem to be the most successful.

How Data Can Help You Grow

From the start, our company quickly adapted the motto “data speaks louder than words or titles.” As a data-driven company, we’ve realized how we can easily cut through certain emotions and determine what’s been working and what else needs tweaking. Looking at the number of signups received and then examining the marketing efforts for each channel essentially helps create a funnel to better understand the environment and what’s going on in the industry.

It is easy to focus on finding and fixing on the problems, but the real key is to find the solution. The real estate process is still very outdated, broken and inefficient, and it is important to be able to find innovative solutions that work. The most successful startups are the ones that are able to think outside of the box and create a seamless solution that will actually change the way an antiquated process works.

As mentioned previously, using an online marketing automation platform to track and measure our results from the start has been a key asset in our rapid growth and success. We are able to look back at different years and months to assess which strategies have made positive changes while also analyzing the tactics that were unsuccessful. Marketing platforms that allow you to track the entire journey of the customer are essential to see which pages and articles convert best.

Time To Start

After you’ve done your research on the types of strategies and the platforms you want to use, it is time to start crafting your innovative marketing goals. As you begin gathering data and metrics, don’t be discouraged if certain content or strategies aren’t working like you hoped they would — results take time, but they are worth the investment. If you have continuously measured your results and delved into analytics, then you will eventually find the perfect formula to truly grow your business.

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