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MEMBERS of the Leichhardt Garden Club spent a lovely day in John and Ailsa Hay’s garden at their property Dunoon.

John described the garden as 50 years of expansion.

There are large areas of lawn with plenty of shady trees and garden beds as well.

There is also an orchard that has been established between two sheds – the perfect ecosystem.

The guest speaker for the day was Tom Horn.

He spoke on pot plants and exhibiting them in the local show.

Some tips were: plants should be in a pot or container which is clean, tidy and in good repair.

Get to know your plants and start preparing them so they are at their peak on show day.

Top up soil, clean out any rubbish or dead and damaged foliage, turn pots so plant grows symmetrically and you can plant more than one plant of the same plant so there is abundant growth.

Make sure there is no sign of pest or disease and treat well before the show.

Clean the leaves but do not oil.

Optimally plants should be twice the size of the pot.

Pots need to be well established and not created fresh just before the show.

Get feedback from the judge so you can improve for next year.

Tom’s final words were if everyone put one or two pots in the show it creates a wonderful display.

The multi draw raffle was won by Ineke Hay, Julitha Copeland and Lindsay Moffat.

The next garden day is May 1, at Hilary Coulter’s garden at Cattle Downs.

Guest speaker for the day is Tina Raines from Tallwood.

She is a garden designer and will discuss how to go about a new garden and also ways to enhance an established one.

The Garden Club will also have a Market Stall on the day that everyone can contribute to.

Contact Emily Blackley for more information.

Happy gardening!

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