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What makes Glenn Harrold’s self-help books best-sellers? Their easy language, lucid style, and his drawing from personal experiences that connect him to the reader. A British clinical hypnotherapist, Harrold has sold over 10 million titles worldwide. Here are four of his newest. Each book (₹299) is accompanied with an audio download which has self-hypnosis methods, hypnotherapy and music to create maximum impact.

Sleep Well Every Night talks about sleeping well to feel healthier, happier, more productive and better equipped to take on the challenges of life. Providing a comprehensive background about sleep, its process and importance, the book covers topics like circadian rhythms, dreams, sleep debt, deprivation, microsleep, beauty sleep and common problems, like insomnia, sleepwalking and apnea. Harrold suggests recommends hydration, healthy-eating, exercises, relaxation techniques, slow-paced music, eliminating electrical devices emitting electromagnetic fields in bedroom, drinking milk with honey, chamomile and aniseed tea and aromatherapy, among others to induce sleep. Interesting facts, quotes and golden rules pertaining to sleep are interspersed in the narrative.

De-stress Your Life, book cover

De-Stress Your Life talks of seven steps to cope with the problem, to create a positive outlook and a stronger sense of self-worth. Describing stress and how it emanates from worrying about finances, work, home environment, relationships, health, and future, the author suggests visualisation techniques to overcome them.

Lose Weight Now, book cover

Lose Weight Now! is touted as “the permanent solution to weight loss”, especially in the context of current obesity levels and the physical and mental consequences it brings. Simplifying weight control, the book’s objective is to help people achieve their weight goal using psychological reprogramming techniques and motivational guidance. Strictly forbidding the use of the word dieting, the writer recommends a change of attitude, setting an ideal target weight on a future date, understanding the root cause of overweight, quitting poor eating habits to embrace healthy food, and becoming physically active, in order to remain fit for life. Famous quotations on the subject along with ample case studies keep the book interesting.

Look Younger Live Longer, book cover

Look Younger Live Longer, book cover
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Look Young Live Longer deals with the contemporary preoccupation of remaining young and energetic. A summation of the first three books, this title talks of healthy eating, hydration, exercise and fitness, self-esteem and a positive mental attitude, sound sleeping practices, coping with financial and relationship stresses and embracing a positive attitude towards life. Stating that there is no quick fix for looking younger and long life, the writer aims to inspire readers to adopt a holistic approach to better health and happiness.

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