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Influencer Marketing Strategy – Chief Marketer

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Influencer Marketing Strategy – Chief Marketer

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By: Bethel College Indiana Online
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Consumers see fewer and fewer traditional advertisements these days. Because of the audience’s ability to block or skip advertisements, creativity is necessary in marketing. Marketers are testing new avenues to reach consumers and build trust.

Influencer marketing is a profitable tactic for many brands. Using people (influencers) to promote their product, companies are transforming their marketing plans and budgets to meet consumers where they are. While influencers can be celebrities, many influencers are everyday people with large online followings.

Influencer marketing is the way of the future, and businesses should be taking advantage of this opportunity to reach their audience and gain credibility. In fact, 49 percent of shoppers rely on influencer recommendations to make their purchase decisions and 92 percent trust individuals over brands, whether they know the individual or not. 

A clear plan is pivotal to the success of influencer marketing. The plan needs to include an understanding of the audience, plus what message, platform, and timeline to follow. Influencers who are given concrete direction are much more effective than those left to their own devices when promoting a product.

The Key Elements of an Influencer Marketing Strategy examines the psychology of influence, the impact of influencer marketing on promotion strategy, and the important pieces needed to build out a successful influencer marketing campaign.


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