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PORT CHARLOTTE, Fla. — When David Faria strolled into his son’s elementary school nearly 20 years ago with his partner Mike Arriaga, all eyes in the room were focused on their narcotics detection police dog, Eric, a yellow Labrador.

All of the kindergartners took their turns petting Eric and asking the Los Angeles County police officers questions.

This was nothing new for Jacob Faria. He had grown a bond with Eric back home when Arriaga visited his dad, and Jacob was around police officers his entire childhood. 

But this was the first time his dad had shown up in front of all of Jacob’s friends at his school. Naturally, he felt excited. 

“All the kids loved the canine,” David said last week in a phone interview. “Jacob’s teacher in kindergarten was really good about being pro-police force. I really enjoyed coming in and talking to his classmates and friends. I know Jacob always got a kick out of it.” 

Did he ever. …

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