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Being one of the oldest active players in the NBA, the Dallas MavericksDirk Nowitzki doesn’t exactly have a pulse on the current generation of players who are mostly comprised of millennials – or in the case of the Mavs’ faces of the future in Kristaps Porzingis and rookie Luka Doncic – centennials.

But at 40 going on 41, the German 7-footer is already embracing his inner “old man yells at cloud” future. Nowitzki recently expressed his frustrations on the troubling effects of social media on some of the younger breed of athletes in response to NBA Commissioner Adam Silver’s early revelation that players’ are unhappy due to social media affecting their psyche.

Nowitzki isn’t exactly a stranger with social media since he owns an Instagram account (which he barely uses and the last entry being more than a year ago) but mostly reserving his use to Twitter where he regularly posts short humorous tweets that go viral, all under his pseudonym “swish41”.

The NBA legend expounded on his observations citing that it isn’t entirely social media’s fault but is just pointing out the differing era’s. Today, players are on their phones checking social media (likely browsing their personal highlights and ever-increasing follower count, and perhaps even reactions to what they did) after a loss while in his day, engaging conversations were the norm.

While he hasn’t officially made an announcement, Nowitzki is widely-assumed to be in his final season. If so, the 2011 NBA Champion may not need to deal with the social media-invested crop of youngsters that are fast encroaching the league.

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