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Tried and true: email marketing is still king of the hill –

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Think of checking your inbox. Now think of checking Facebook. Which one do you rely on more?

When it comes to digital marketing, it’s easy to get caught up in the hype and want to focus on social media. However, when you look at the numbers, email marketing still has the highest ROI when it comes to online marketing and absolutely should not be ignored.

In fact, active email accounts are expected to hit 5.6 billion this year (Source: HubSpot). Email is, hands down, the most cost- and time-effective marketing strategy. So let’s dig in and unravel why email marketing campaigns are vital to an agent’s business and ultimately, a brokerage’s profitability.

Email: free, free, free

Today, nearly everyone has an email account. And so many more people have smartphones. That means email gets checked at least once a day. This translates to a reach that consists of thousands of clients, every day, with minimal cost. It’s also the preferred format for clients since they can consume them at their convenience.

Now, email doesn’t come without some downsides, as it can be easy to spam and send too much or irrelevant content to clients. These can easily be combated by creating enticing, personalized, and relevant content.

Marketing: in it for the long run

Agents and brokerages provide a service. And like all other businesses, promoting this business and differentiating from the competition is vital in running a successful business. All marketing efforts typically focus on three outcomes: getting new leads, converting prospects, and generating referrals. Successful agents can’t afford to only focus two feet in front of them with the transactions they have in progress. It’s all about converting those next potential clients that are not in an agent’s view.

Campaigns: tying it all together

A campaign is defined as a set of actions that drives towards a goal or outcome. In real estate, the fundamental marketing goal is to keep an agent’s sphere of influence (SOI) in flow and keep the agent’s name top of mind. A campaign allows agents to segment clients to ensure that the right content is going to the right clients. It is also a fully automated delivery mechanism that goes to these segments at the right time. Without this crucial element, email marketing can turn into a huge time sink for agents and we all know that time is money!

Do it all with MoxiEngage CRM

All these elements validate why MoxiWorks helps users create email campaigns within MoxiEngage … at no additional cost.

MoxiEngage has deep roots in the sphere-based selling methodology, so it’s almost a no-brainer for us to provide more ways to keep an agent’s sphere in flow, all within the MoxiCloud open platform.

Our campaign feature arms brokerages with pre-built campaigns from MoxiWorks, along with the ability to create their own custom campaigns for agents. The auto-add trigger feature will automatically add contacts based on agent or client activity. Agents can simply tweak the campaign if necessary, set up the segment, and track the success of the campaign or each email within through analytics.

Find out more about new MoxiEngage email campaigns feature here.

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