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Newly Released Self-Help Memoir Allows Readers To Use Rejection As FUEL – The Chicago Citizen

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Newly Released Self-Help Memoir Allows Readers To Use Rejection As FUEL


Chicago native Michelamonè Henderson is an author, a life coach, a motivational speaker, and the founder and chief executive officer of The Core Woman Academy. Most recently, she released a book titled Rejection Saved My Life which is a self-help memoir that tells the story of her struggles with rejection and self-reflection and provides readers with 15 transformational keys on how to use rejection as FUEL.

Rejection Saved My Life is intended to help women put rejection into a healthy perspective as a way to create positive change in their lives because, as Henderson says, every woman has experienced rejection at some point in her life. With great vulnerability, Henderson shares her own personal journey which includes four marriages that ended in divorce and shows the readers how she learned to forgive herself and others which ultimately changed her view on being rejected.

“Its a memoir that gives the 15 transformational keys on how to use rejection as FUEL. FUEL is an acronym for faith upgraded to exponential levels and that just means everything that I have gone through like the rejection, the pain, the disappointment, and all those things have really upgraded my faith and taken my faith to exponential levels to know that if I got through that, I can definitely get through something else,” said Henderson.

In the book, Henderson talks about ways that women can use rejection for their benefit and how you can actually turn it into something good.

“Rejection has a negative connotation, everyone thinks that they are afraid of being rejected and they steer away from rejection at all costs. But this book talks about different experiences that I have had with rejection in regards to being a child, into my adulthood, and then into the marriages I have had because I’ve been married and divorced four times. It teaches that rejection is not all bad and that if you take rejection and turn it around, we can start to use it for our gain,” said Henderson.

Another major theme of the book is forgiveness which Henderson says is an essential part of being able to get a new perspective on rejection.

“You can’t turn a negative into a positive without being able to forgive and not just forgive the people who have wronged you but you also have to forgive yourself. Sometimes we hang onto shame and guilt and you just need to let that go because ultimately it hurts you,” said Henderson.

On Feb. 24, Henderson will host her Official Book Launch and Signing event for Rejection Saved my Life at Deja Hue Art, 10505 S. Western Ave., from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m., tickets are $40 and available at

The book, Rejection Saved My Life is currently available at amazon. com and on Kindle readers.

To learn more about Michelamonè Henderson visit www.thecorewoman. com.

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