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When you look at the search engine results for the keyword you want to rank for, how often have you wished your page would be at least in the first five results on the SERP? Often, right? Well, then, your wish can come true with SEO, and that is precisely where SEO tools can be of help.
SEO or Search Engine Optimization tools are strategies or approaches applied to your website or your blog so that your page finds a spot in the top rankings in a search engine. That means, whenever someone uses a keyword related to your page, your website or blog is displayed on the first page of the search engine. The result is your site attracting more visitors and, in turn, creating more opportunities to convert visitors into customers that will help with your business’s bottom line.
These tools can not only help you get high rankings but can also give you new ideas about optimizing your site. Since there are paid as well as free tools, you can opt for the ones that suit your requirements and budget.
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The best part is that you can use more than one tool for site optimization. It is essential to learn about these tools, understand how they can be best used, and then apply them to your site.
Free tools to help your SEO:

Google Keyword Planner

This is one of the first tools that people learn when they dive into the field of SEO. The whole concept of SEO is to get your site more traffic, and since the right keyword can get the job done, the task at hand is to search for the right keywords.
You don’t need to search frantically, Google's Keyword Planner is at your service. It will help you find the best keywords that have low competition and high volume to get traffic. You can use these keywords both as a starting point for creating content and also if you are going to spend money on ads, there’s probably no better tool you can start with. Once you’re comfortable, you’ll already have learned a whole lot about SEO.
Google Analytics
You will be able to develop a more effective SEO strategy for your site if you get to know the behavior of your visitors, such as what links they click on, the location of the links, and various other details like demographics, where they are visiting from and so forth. Google Analytics, when learned properly, can give you a wealth of information that will provide you with a lot of ideas.
MozBar is a browser extension that provides help in assessing the authority of your domain and the page and can also notify you about the backlinks to your page.  The tool also helps you find useful backlinks and redundant ones that come from competitors. Having this tool can help you come up with a better SEO strategy especially regarding competitive research.
The Paid Tools You Should Try:

Advanced Web Ranking
As the name suggests, Advanced Web Ranking offers advanced solutions for your SEO. For example, it can help you compare your website ranking on a particular search engine for a specific keyword, with your rivals in the business. It also provides many helpful tools such as keyword research, page optimization, tracking page rankings, link building and even ones that can monitor your social media pages.
Raven Tools
One of the most popular tools for SEO, Raven Tools, is a comprehensive SEO Marketing tool that compiles data from different optimization tools to give you a detailed report. It works as an SEO checker tool that helps you in a variety of fields such as backlinks, SEO campaigns,  competitor research, and even social media analysis.
Majestic SEO
A strategy that has always been effective in SEO is the use of backlinks. If you have had trouble in backlink analysis for your site, the Majestic SEO is the tool you should use.  You can figure out the best backlinks for your site and also find the backlinks to your rival websites.  Armed with this knowledge, you can utilize links that can help improve the ranking of your site.
These are some of the best optimization tools available. You can play around with these tools to find what works best for you. It will give your SEO strategies a boost, resulting in higher traffic and better search engine rankings.
Janeee High is tghe owner of Results Driven Marketing, a 100%  women owned business headquartered in Wynnewood, PA with an office in Philadelphia, PA.  Janeene and here team have been helping customers increase qualified traffic to their websites by using the latest SEO strategies. If you or your business looking to be found by more people that need your services, contact  RDM or give Janeene a call 215-393-8700. 

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