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If you aren’t using all of Instagram’s features to promote your business, then your campaign efforts likely aren’t reaching their potential.

More and more businesses are using Instagram’s various video options to expand their brand, and they’re reaching a much larger audiences as a result. Simply posting photos of your products is not enough anymore – if you aren’t utilizing videos as well, you could find that your brand will get lost among those who’ve taken the time to focus on diversifying their content approach.

Here are some tips to help you maximize your use of Instagram’s video options which will help get your business strategy on the right track.

Instagram Video Posts

One of the most significant benefits of posting video to Instagram is that your clips will automatically start playing when people are scrolling through their feeds. Because of this, it’s essential that the first few seconds of your video are attention-grabbing, which will help you grab attention and get viewers to stick around to watch the entire clip.

Sharing video posts to your profile will appeal to both your current and potential followers – ideally, you can use these clips to help spread brand awareness and boost product interest. This can be a hugely successful option when the videos are fun and creative, and the appropriate hashtags are used.

Here are some tips on how to make best use of Instagram video posts.

Highlight Products or Services

An Instagram video which highlights a product or service should be fun and creative. Choose a cover image that persuades people to click on the clip, and keep your videos focused on a single subject to hold attention (note: Instagram feed videos are limited to 60 seconds in length).

The most successful videos are those which offer information on a single product or service, giving brief details on features and options. After posting a few of these kinds of videos, your profile visitors should be able to get a clear idea of what your brand’s about when they visit your Instagram page.

Share Short Commercials

Creating short commercials for your Instagram page can be a great way to present your products or services in an imaginative way. These tend to be longer than a clip which highlights a single product, and the more successful commercials evoke a level of emotion from viewers.

Create DIY How-To Videos

How-to videos are all the rage these days, and they can be incorporated into nearly any trade. The beauty industry in particular has taken advantage of using these kinds of Instagram videos to promote their offerings.

Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are the best place for temporary information, while they can also now be placed in your page’s Highlights section to preserve them for as long as you’d like. Stories videos can be used for a range of promotional purposes – here are some examples of what you should use this feature for.

Share Limited Time Offers

Is your store having a sale? Do you have a coupon code to share? This is the place to share such – use a hashtag to enable others to get in on the deal, or make it exclusive for your followers.

Many brands choose to give their followers advanced access to sales this way, in order to reward those who’ve been involved in their brand’s story. Since this is a temporary deal that you’re sharing, it doesn’t need to go on your timeline.

Offer Insight Into Your Brand

People tend to buy products from businesses they feel a connection with, and one of the best ways to build such connection is by offering insight into your company via Instagram Stories.

You can show your audience your design and manufacturing process, as well as the faces behind these jobs. If you’re a one-woman or man operation, you can give people a peek at what your day looks like. Seeing you preparing products to ship can make the shopping experience a lot more personal, and keep your customers coming back.

Instagram Live Videos

When broadcasting an Instagram Live video, it’s best to promote them beforehand in order to raise maximum awareness and give interested viewers a chance to tune in. Even though Live videos can be viewed at a later time (and saved to your profile if you choose), a key benefit is being able to interact with those watching in real-time, so building awareness is key.

Here are some key tips on how to use Instagram Live for marketing.

Engage With Your Audience

As noted, one of the key reasons that people tune in to Instagram Live videos is to participate in an interactive event. With your viewers having the ability to ask you questions and comment, it’s the perfect opportunity to offer a tutorial or workshop. The information you share should be related to your industry, and something you’re an expert in, so you can handle all of the questions people throw at you.

Collect Emails

Another fun way to engage with your audience is with a live Q&A session – you can open it up to allow people to ask questions on any topic they’d like, or you can opt to keep it more specific.

You can also ask your followers to send in questions ahead of time, which also enables you to collect their email addresses to be used for future marketing campaigns (ensure you have their permission to use their email in this way). 

Launch New Products

You can also drum up excitement over a new product by releasing a teaser clip via Instagram Live – if you’re able to pique people’s curiosity, then they’ll likely start following your profile so that they don’t miss when the product launches. 

Knowing how to approach your next Instagram video is just the first step – it’s also important to understand how to create a video marketing strategy and apply it to what you post to Instagram. But there’s no definitive route to success when it comes to social media marketing – understand that you will have to play around with different ideas in order to find out what works best for you and your brand.

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