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Setting up a business might be very easy but making it more successful can be very demanding. According to a report published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics last year, nearly 20% of startups and small businesses fail after one year in business and almost 30% fail after two years. Additionally, 50% fail within their fifth year, and about 70% fail in their tenth year in business. The common causes of failure for these businesses were reported as poor marketing, lack of business skills, poor product pricing and offering, and running out of ash.

To turn your business into a success, you need to be more focused, creative and innovative than your competitors. You also need to offer great customer service, sell products that customers want, and understand the power of digital marketing for startups. Since online marketing for small businesses has been proven as one of the greatest ways to promote a tiny business, this article focuses on the current digital marketing techniques that you can use to turn your business, regardless of how small, into a success.

Online Marketing Techniques for Small Businesses

The following features ten proven online marketing approaches that can be used to grow a small business and also achieve greater success in every business activity.

  1. Have Your Own Website

This is regarded as one of the starting points for making your small business more successful. Every business organization needs a website that is well designed since this can have a greater effect on your marketing scores. A website should act as a guide, a catalog, and an online brochure for potential consumers. Your site must, therefore, have fast (able to respond within a few seconds), and be able to render well in both smartphones and desktop computers. Moreover, ensure to include good content with short and easier to read paragraphs. Include videos, proper headings, and images. The prettier your site and simpler it is to use, the higher the likelihood of attracting more customers to buy your services and products.

  1. Use Social Media-Marketing

Using social networking sites such as Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google., and Tumblr can be a good idea to turn your business into a great success. Ensure to use these sites effectively — in ways, they were meant for. For instance, you need to use YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook respectively, to post introductory videos of your business or products that you sell, to post or show photos of your products, and to promote various offers and deals through Facebook ads. This opportunity is easier to use and should be a part of your digital marketing strategy to grow your small business.

  1. Use “Google My Business”

This is an essential service created by Google for every business entrepreneur. The tool was mainly designed for local business people to help nearby customers locate them with ease. When someone uses Google-to-search for a service or product that you sell, your business will be shown on top of the search results. When they view your business profile as well as the outstanding reviews, they may start trusting you and become one of your greatest customers. To use this opportunity in the most effective way, include a business logo and profile picture, describe what you do well, link your homepage, and give your area of service. This way, you may rise to the top of your competitors.

  1. Start a Referral Program

You can use the customers that you already have to bring in more customers into your business. This can be achieved by setting up a referral program. A certain study shows that 77 out of 100 customers have a higher chance of purchasing a good or service after acquiring knowledge about it from a family member, friend, or colleague. In addition, people are more likely to purchase a commodity when referred to by a person that they trust. This shows how significant it is to establish a referral service on your site. This has been considered one of the greatest online marketing techniques to attract customers who may want to come and buy your products.

  1. Embrace Video Internet-Marketing for Your Business

This does not have to be expensive as the majority of people think and if you are not going to use this opportunity, you are going to be left behind by many of your business competitors. The chance might make you stand out and also expand your online existence. Serious business people use videos to give a clear demonstration of how to use their commodities, give detailed tips on how to purchase products on the site, and attract fresh customers with such video programs. Ensure to post the videos on your blog posts and social media sites.

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  1. Understand SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

There are various ways to direct internet traffic to your site but the best and most popular way is to use search engines such as Google. Getting to understand the power of search engines can help you a great deal. This can help you rise to the top of all the search results on the internet increasing your likelihood to get any customers each and every day. So ensure to understand the basics of SEO and use it to optimize your site in the best way possible so that you may have a better future for your small business.

  1. Start a Blog

This is an excellent online marketing strategy to improve your small business. The best and one of the most common ways to start a blog is by including it in your site. If you don’t have a website as yet, consider using other blogging platforms such as Medium to post articles about your business. Also, answer questions on the major sites such as Reddit and Quora or use publishing programs such as Linkedln. This will allow you to share new ideas, post changes to the commodities, and give advice as well as connecting to prospect customers regardless of whether you have a working website or not. In addition, you need to set some time every week to write content for your blog. Not only does blogging add a great value to your business but also helps to optimize your search-engine strategies.

  1. Use Email-Marketing

The best way to use this online marketing technique is by setting up an email sign up service where customers or people visiting your site may subscribe to an email newsletter. This is a great way to build a long list of email addresses that can be used to make excellent deals with customers. This service is easy to start and implement, can reach many people from across the world, is inexpensive, and ensures faster communication. Use it to send valuable and interesting content that can actually turn visitors into customers or clients.

  1. Offer Great Deals and Discounts

This is one of the things that most customers look for when they are purchasing a product or service from any site Every person likes a good business deal and also a discount. This, therefore, can be a great way to attract visitors to like your business and become one of your customers. Include your discounts and offers on your blogs and articles and ensure to post them on the social networks such as Facebook and WhatsApp. This way, your small firm will grow like a flash and all your competitors will have to respect you.

  1. Use “GoogleAdWords”

Although this is regarded as one the most expensive online marketing opportunities to promote your small business, you need to consider using it as a dedicated business entrepreneur. The technique here is to make it easier for people to find your business easily when they search-on-Google. When used in an effective manner, the method can be a very essential tool that can turn your business into a wonderful success. The cost should not bother you because you can choose to set a section of your budget for use This will help control the cost productively and more wisely.


Any small business, no matter the size, has the capacity to grow into a large corporation if owners are more focused on the current marketing strategies. And since there is a great number of people using the internet today (about 4 billion), this is achievable without any doubt. What entrepreneurs need to do is to get organized, understand risks as well as the rewards, provide great customer service, think big and act small, and understand the above online marketing for small businesses.

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