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Social Media Agency, fishbat, Shares 5 Reasons Why Universities Should Utilize Email Marketing to Increase Enrollment – PRNewswire

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NEW YORK, Feb. 11, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — As part of their ongoing initiative to teach organizations how to self-promote across social and marketing channels, social media agency, fishbat, shares 5 reasons why universities should utilize email marketing to increase enrollment.

It’s a simple formula: More applicants equals more potential students to enroll. However, for many universities, its execution is far more complex. In these socially connected times, focusing on increasing your institution’s number of social media followers may seem like a viable tactic to drive admissions, but the reality is that it makes for an incomplete strategy.

When used in conjunction with a broad social sharing strategy, tried and true marketing techniques like email marketing are an effective way to target and attract potential applicants. Read on for 5 reasons why universities should utilize email marketing to increase enrollment.

Applicants Judge A Book By Its Cover

The initial email that prospective applicants receive from your university is very often their first contact with your institution. Utilizing an email marketing platform gives you the opportunity to showcase your university with impressive visuals and lush descriptions.

Unlike posts on social media platforms, which by their very nature are incredibly fleeting, targeted emails are far more permanent and personalized. Email marketing is your best chance to make a lasting first impression on precisely the kind of student that your university hopes to enroll.

Email Marketing Really Delivers

One of the great benefits of utilizing an email marketing strategy is that it can provide your university with key metrics to judge the effectiveness of any campaign. Certainly, social media platforms offer metrics as well, but when it comes to hyper-targeted segments, such as potential and prospective applicants, it’s similar to casting a very wide net and the data can become less meaningful. Posts on Facebook or Twitter may be able to give you the total number of impressions, but are all (or even most) of those impressions the potential applicants that you’re seeking? It’s hard to say.  

In contrast, email marketing metrics can deliver specific data not only on exactly who received your university’s email communications, but when and how often it was opened. By utilizing this metadata, you can create segments of potential applications to follow-up with additional email communications.

Make Meaningful Connections

Most email marketing platforms allow you to separate your contacts into specific segments. This function can be especially useful to universities seeking to drive enrollment. Rather than take a one size fits all approach, your institution can deliver more relevant content to targeted segments. Create different emails that speak to your potential applicants’ unique needs – such as prospective students interested in financial aid versus those interested in athletics or creative writing programs – and make meaningful connections that can really make the difference.

Pass the Test

A/B (or split) testing is a major feature of email marketing that allows you to compare two different campaigns to see which one performs better. By utilizing this feature, your university can be sure that it is deploying the most effective email campaign possible to drive applications and enrollment.

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