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Experiencing a lack of motivation every now and then is natural—it happens to everyone. At some point, we all feel blah, like when we’d prefer to binge-watch TV rather than focus on the important task at hand. Motivational items can help get you back on track by reminding you that you can totally conquer your to-do list or face a daunting project head-on.

Oftentimes, a mantra is a good source of motivation. Mantras are a single word or a short phrase that can aid you in refocusing your concentration—simply repeat yours as a reminder to get back to work. To aid you in selecting a mantra, we’ve picked many gifts that you can wear, decorate with, or use that are each adorned with powerful statements like “Be Strong” and “Yes She Can” and “Believe Achieve.” In addition to these text-centric objects, books like Meera Lee Patel’s Start Where You Are and Katie Daisy’s constellation notebook allow you to expand on your ideas and plan how to achieve your dreams.

Check out some of our favorite motivational gifts below—whether you have a friend that needs a pick-me-up… or you do!

Know someone that needs a pick-me-up? Scroll down for some of our favorite motivational gifts!

You’ve Got This Socks

Motivational Enamel Pin Badge

Inspirational Pencil Set

Master Of My Fate Necklace

Do Your Thing Enamel Pin

Motivational Gifts

Bonbi Forest | $10.82

Yes, She Can Feminist Graphic Tee

Motivational Gifts

Skylar Yoo | $48

Be Strong Heart Patch

Motivational Gifts

Papio Press | $8.11

Keep Your Chin Up Bandana

Motivational Gifts

apprvl | $25

Start Where You Are: A Journal for Self-Exploration

Self Care Gifts

Meera Lee Patel | $11.88

Constellation Notebook

Motivational Gifts

Katie Daisy | $10

Be Brave Banner

Miniature Cloud Magnet

Inspirational Temporary Tattoos

Motivational Gifts

Tattly | $15

Flower Face “Calm” Mist

Motivational Gifts

Bon Lux | $15.02

The Mug of Motivation

GROW Embroidery Kit

Self Care Gifts

Brynn and Co. | $37.40

Be Gentle Sticker

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