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Not all product page videos are created equal as many are missing crucial elements that would increase their effectiveness.

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Video is the most popular content type with both consumers and marketers with good reason. Along with being easily digestible, videos can provide a great deal of information in a brief period and make use of a 3-D visual element. Video usage has become much more common on websites, especially e-commerce sites where the ability to demonstrate products has narrowed the gap between online and brick-and-mortar stores when it comes to “seeing” a product. However, not all product page videos are created equal. Many are missing crucial elements that would increase their effectiveness along with ability to convert. Today the Internet Marketing Company, Lounge Lizard, shares 5 Tips for improving Product Page Videos.

While these tips are focused specifically on e-commerce product pages, they can also be applied to other videos for a website, e-commerce platform such as Amazon, or social media platforms.

  • Create product detail videos – Product detail videos serve two purposes. One, it provides the most important details a customer will want to know about, which is a critical component of any product page. Two, it helps with SEO efforts as page results are typically based on keyword search terms which can be included in the product details listed in a video transcript, title (in moderation), and description. It is important not to just stuff terms or add excessive details and bore the audience. Instead, focus on the most crucial details first. Secondary and less critical details can be listed below the video or even in the background of the video.
  • Evoke emotion – The best videos make people feel something, whether that is in the form of gut-busting laughter or tears because of something that tugs at the heartstrings. When it comes to product videos the area of focus should be on laughter, amusement, and awe. Occasionally other emotional areas can work, such as joy, but by far these three emotions illicit the most sharing by users which is vital for organic growth. Consider some of the most memorable television commercials and how they use humor to reinforce the message such as the commercial series “Hungry?” by Snickers, which has featured everyone from Betty White to Elton John.
  • Show the product in use – Demonstrate exactly why a customer should buy your product by putting it to use and letting them see firsthand what it can do for them. Show the benefits your product provides or problems it can eliminate. Remember that showing is different than telling which is an idea that launched the QVC network. This is a visual format and the telling should be saved for written content so demonstrate while you talk. Also take the time to show how your product or service is better than the competition.
  • Consider the best location – Generally there are two different locations that should be used for product videos; storefront and in-action. For storefront videos the idea is to give the online shopper that brick-and-mortar store feel by shooting the video in a mock storefront. This can be very effective for specific types of products. In-action videos are useful for products that might need a demonstration or seen being used to better reflect the benefits or advantages. For example, a company like Nike often shows athletes training in various shoe types.
  • Tell a short story – This is two tips in one. First and foremost, product videos should be kept short; no longer than 30 seconds. Second, tell a story with your video. Some people incorrectly think that a story cannot be told in such a small timeframe, however it is important to remember that stories can be very simple. Again, think of the some of the storytelling that takes place within 30-second Superbowl ads.

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