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Multi Channel Marketing Strategy: Helping Medical Devices Companies to Personalize Campaigns by Analyzing the Patient Behavior and Needs | Quantzig – Business Wire

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LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Quantzig, a leading analytics advisory firm that delivers customized
analytics solutions, has announced the completion of their article on
the benefits
of multi channel marketing for medical devices companies.

Technology has empowered customers and provided them with much more
control over their purchasing processes, making it increasingly
difficult for medical
to stay a step ahead. They require
strategies that can help them to find their targeted audiences to share
their marketing message. Since 88% of patient-customers use mobile
applications to view content online, and an average customer has about
4.5 devices with internet connections, medical devices companies
need to formulate an effective multi channel marketing strategy.
However, leveraging the benefits of multi channel marketing
is a difficult task for companies as they are more likely
to end up spending unnecessarily and damaging the brand name rather than
creating a powerful online presence.

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Key challenges of multi channel marketing:

Marketing response attribution

Since multi channel marketing involves many platforms and
touchpoints, it is very difficult for medical equipment companies
to identify which campaign, channel, or sequence of touch points
contributed to qualified sales and conversions. This further possesses
challenges for marketers to make informed decisions on resources and

Managing several promotions

Managing multiple channels is a challenging task for companies. They
require integrated marketing to manage cross-promotions so that multiple
work in tandem with one another and promotions of different
campaigns can be done effectively.

Increased spend and time

Companies consistently need to develop micro-campaigns that span multiple
fluidly. This multichannel marketing practice requires
companies to invest in resources and time to make campaigns move in sync.

Integrating traditional and emerging channels can help in simplify
the creation and execution of cross-channel marketing campaigns by
enabling marketers to create a single campaign that can be replicated
across multiple channels.
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Benefits of multi channel marketing for medical
devices companies:

Discover the patient behavior and needs

Multi channel marketing is crucial for medical devices
companies to gain a holistic view of their patient-consumers. It
provides them vital insights into their unique characteristics including
target value or segment and lifecycle stages. A multi channel
marketing strategy
also enables medical equipment companies
to develop market-focused and customer-focused analytical benchmarks
that can be leveraged for making critical decisions for different
marketing campaigns.

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Segmentation of consumers allows the implementation of multi channel
plans in a strategic way. It empowers prospective patients
to be a part of device decision-making process. This helps medical
equipment companies
to accurately develop medical devices
that patients need at each stage of a specific disease.

Fine-Tuning: The Final Step

A well refined multi channel marketing strategy helps to direct
resources to improvise marketing plans and make them effective and
economical. Medical devices companies can even leverage big
and machine learning to build a business case for each
campaign, predict ROI, and prioritize future campaigns.

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