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With 2018 nearly wrapped-up and the New Year slowly creeping upon us, chances are you’re already busy laying the groundwork for what’s to come in 2019, right?

“I want to get in shape,” you might’ve already reconciled, or maybe it’s about time to buckle-down and develop good spending, budgeting and healthy eating habits?

No matter what you’re hoping to achieve in the coming year, you’ll be happy to know that [with an iPhone or iPad and a can-do attitude], it’s likely going to be easier than you ever thought possible!

Continue reading to learn about six top-trending self-help apps designed to help you meet your New Year’s goals! 

6 Develop and Maintain Healthy Habits with Way of Life

It’s been said that habits can be formed or broken over the course of a two- or three-week period. But what if you could actually see and identify (in colorful and well-organized detail) what those habits are? Would they, as a result, be easier to form or break?

With the App Store’s top-rated habit tracking app for iPhone and iPad, Way of Life, the short answer is, you bet!

For less than a minute of your time every day, Way of Life helps promote healthy habit building and bad habit breaking with its unique color- and infographic-rich interface that allows you to easily track, identify and change your habits no matter what they are.

The app collects information from you over time — such as usage patterns, pre-set goals and daily inputs — and organizes this data into colorful, comprehendible charts, allowing you to easily spot and properly address any positive or negative trends in your lifestyle.

Lauded for its ease-of-use and flexibility by media outlets including Forbes, The New York Times, Business Insider and more, the four-point-eight star Way of Life app is available to download for free here.

5 Find a New Job, Explore Career Opportunities with Glassdoor


The New Year is always a great time to explore potential new opportunities for advancement in your field of work, or even one completely unrelated. Whatever your employment goals for 2019 entail, you’ll have your pick of the litter with Glassdoor’s iOS app in your pocket.

With Glassdoor, easily find, apply, and [cross your fingers] get hired for jobs that appeal to you. Using Glassdoor’s industry-leading job search tools, you’ll be able to access the latest job listings from companies hiring now, get an inside look at reviews, salaries, benefits, and even photos uploaded by current employees. 

Featuring one of the most comprehensive career-building communities in the world, Glassdoor is the App Store’s premier tool for searching job opportunities and potentially finding happy employment with thousands of companies, worldwide. Download Glassdoor and start your new job search for free here.

4 Get in Shape and Eat Healthy with MyFitnessPal


Shedding those unwanted holiday pounds and getting into shape is arguably at the top of most of our “New Year Resolutions” lists — this year and, quite possibly, the year before, too.. But 2019 doesn’t have to be another failed attempt at finally grabbing-hold of your health and fitness. With a comprehensive, easy-to-use and flexible app like MyFitnessPal guiding the way, you’ll be on the fast track to optimum health in no-time.

Whether your goal is to lose weight, tone up, start a new diet or sleep better, MyFitnessPal offers a wealth of advanced fitness, activity, food, intake and diet tracking tools to help you stay on top of it all. And with its broad compatibility as either a standalone app or, even more effective, when used in conjunction with a Bluetooth-connected activity tracker, there’s really no limit to what you can achieve.

See why leading publications including Consumer Reports, The Wall Street Journal, CNET, PC Magazine and more praise MyFitnessPal for its intuitive, easy-to-use interface and powerful features by downloading it for free (or via nominal monthly-subscription) here.

3 Promote Peace and Positivity with Headspace: Meditation


Being stressed-out — albeit largely unavoidable for those of us living fast-paced and constantly on-the-go lifestyles — is a terrible way to kick off the New Year! Fortunately, for those in search of easy and effective ways to clear their mind, fostering peace and positivity in their everyday lives, there are powerful apps like Headspace: Meditation.

Headspace provides a simple way to “reframe stress,” allowing users to relax and participate in guided meditation sessions promoting mindfulness, calmness, wellness and balance. By spending just minutes during the day, or creating an all-night meditation session to promote healthy sleep, Headspace will help train your mind to effectively manage stress and anxiety, get a better night’s rest, and so much more. Download Headspace: Meditation from the App Store for free here. 

2 Develop Good Budgeting & Spending Habits with Goodbudget


No matter how ‘well-off’ you are, financially speaking: every wise-minded person alive should be budgeting their money to ensure, at the absolute least, that it’s not being recklessly squandered right under their own nose. Luckily, strategic, stationary budgeting tactics are a thing of the past thanks to powerful new applications like Goodbudget Budget Planner.

A robust personal finance app, Goodbudget is based on the tried-and-true ‘envelope budgeting method’ — although ‘virtual envelopes’ are used in lieu of stationary. Nonetheless, users can easily create new envelopes, check envelope balances, track daily and weekly expenses, bank balances and more — all from the same easy-to-use interface.

While the app functions most ideally when upgraded to premium at a cost of $6/month (or $50/year), that nominal subscription unlocks a number of useful features including unlimited use of regular envelopes, unlimited annual envelopes, the capacity to sync up to 5 devices to one account and much more. Download Goodbudget and take control of your cash in 2019 here.

1 Learn Skills, Professional Courses and More with Udemy


Whether you’ve retired and want to keep your mind sharp, or simply to learn all about a new skill or profession from experts in their field, Udemy is the perfect place to do it! And their namesake app for iOS provides access to the online learning platform’s vast library of over 80,000 video courses taught by expert instructors. 

Whatever you’re looking to learn: perhaps a new programming language like Python or Java, a spoken language like Spanish or Mandarin Chinese, how to code, how to CAD, draw, write, cook, clean or even master the complex ins-and-outs of machine learning, artificial intelligence or business management — you’ll join the world’s largest classroom of 24 million+ students currently enrolled in courses on Udemy.

And with such a vast selection of free and affordable ‘pay courses’ to choose from, there’s no telling how many new skills and abilities you’ll acquire in the coming year. Download Udemy here.

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