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People across the world are observing an increase in their business exposure to social media marketing. Close to 90% of marketers are spending close to seven hours a week on various social media platforms to reach targeted traffic. In this article Neel Sinha, CEO, MyLnk, writes about how marketers can cleverly use Twitter as a tool to make a meaningful impact.

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Every social networking site has its own distinctiveness. A survey has stated that Twitter influences the buying decision of the consumer and is extremely effective in creating marketing impact through a 280 characters blurb called tweet. Marketing impact implies customers can remember and associate with the company and its products or services for a long time through continuous engagement. Indeed, Twitter is a must-have communication tool for every business as it intensifies the social reach. 

Twitter is one of the best forums to have semi-formal two-way communication with existing customers and would-be customers. Interactions through tweets boost customer connect with the company and its brand. Here are five ways to increase marketing impact through twitter. Let us discuss it one after the other.

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01. Turn potential customers as followers

Twitter, the microblogging forum is a powerhouse for lead-generation provided the tweets have the right content and can engage the targeted followers. It enables to connect with target audience across the globe instantly. Twitter followers should be the target customers because if the followers are not targeted then there will be only a few clicks on the links and purpose would be defeated. Many times 97% of followers are likely to be fake in the popular Twitter accounts! can be used for doing a reality check.

Twitter involves communication between multiple people simultaneously on the public platform providing ample space for open conversation with customers and potential clients who would become followers. Next step is to interact with them through regular tweets, polls or contest. When the tweets are posted on a regular basis it leads to more followers. Ask simple objective questions in the polls to engage with the target audience. If the customers are posting their feedback or concern then respond to it quickly. 

02. Keep tweets simple and short

280 characters are the treasure-limit for a single tweet so use it wisely. People throughout the globe are accessing Twitter on the smartphone, therefore, it is must to keep the tweets concise and crisp. Avoid long contents instead give catchy titles with a customized link to begin the customer interaction and hold customer engagement. Post the tweets with the link shortener to direct the target followers to the respective page such as new product launch page on the website, online store, contest page, informative articles etc.

As Twitter is more of an informal communications tool so the tweets can be stretched to incorporate friendly emotions, a touch of humor or subtle opinions but it should be oriented to gain cleverness to instigate future communications rather than a mundane sale communication or personal update. Ensure to develop the content in a more structured way rather than a random pick of words. The tweets must hold the buyer’s attention that stimulates retweet. To increase the prospects of the tweet to be retweeted add images and videos as sometimes graphics are worth a thousand words.

The content of the tweet would vary as per the product, company or individual. If it is the individual then the tweet could be about some new research or even some informative article. If it is the product, the tweet can be new product feature, testimonial of existing user, associating with a national event or even taking the feedback or attending to the concerns of consumers. It shall lead to strong customer faith in the company and its brand. It is possible to reach customers in close to real-time hence respond to the consumers and attend to them as soon as possible.

Next, it is vital to have ‘new content in new tweets’ else followers would be turned off if the same old content is tweeted again and again. It is also possible to cross-post Twitter content on other social networks but ensure the content is not repetitive. To increase the traffic on the website’s online store through Twitter, provide the website link in Twitter Universe changing the content.

If the company product or service is any way associated with an on-going current affair then it must be tweeted instantly as per the updates of the event. It brings in a lot of attention, but the content of the tweet must be distinctive. 

03. Tweet during rush hours for higher reach

It is important to tweet during the peak hours. The attention time of the followers and other Twitter users to notice the tweets is very small therefore it is imperative to tweet when a large number of followers are online to notice the tweets, click the given links and reach the desired page.

In order to get the most attention and attain higher retweets it is best to tweet during peak hours precisely 10 AM to 12 Noon. Be around on Twitter at this time interval to have utmost engagement of the followers. In addition, Friday is the most popular day of the week when tweets get maximum exposure. 

04. Enhance visibility of tweets with right hashtags

Right hashtag can be effectively utilized for business promotion by reaching the target audience as it filters irrelevant tweets and connects with the target audience. Hashtag is not only fun to work with but also drives the targeted audience and turns them as followers. Hashtag is a symbol ‘#’ added just before a word. This created hashtag allows the user to join the on-going conversational topic as well as is resourceful in creating new dialogue. Users on Twitter, use these hashtags to reach the relevant tweets. It is indeed quite impactful. 

Search for most commonly used hashtags related to the content and incorporate in the tweet.  To attain the marketing goals and engage the followers, it is best to use the hashtags that hold the interest of the existing followers and bring in new followers too.

As soon as the tweet is posted with right hashtag it generates interest amongst the Twitter users, and in just a couple of seconds, the message reaches millions who then become active salesforce to promote company products and services through retweets or new tweets along with their comments, feedback or opinions. Hashtags create eagerness for the brand and engage even those users who are not existing customers. There are many success stories where using ‘#hashtag’ business enquires were intensified and subsequently converted into end sales.

However, it is important to note that excess of anything is bad so avoid using too many hashtags in a single tweet. In maximum word limit of 280 characters, where every character is valuable, overflowing the tweet with hashtags makes it look like a spam and the real message is completely lost! Further, industry statistics have confirmed 21% more engagement on tweets having 1-2 hashtags than those with more than 2 hashtags. So, keep it only 1-2 most relevant hashtags in a single tweet.

05. Participate in on-going conversations to gain followers

To engage and interact with the potential customers, it is not only about sending the fresh tweets and generating the content continuously but it is also vital to be part of some trending topics. Be active in the conversation as well as encourage others to share their voice too. Use #hashtags to spot the trending topics that are related or relevant to the business and is of interest to the followers.

When becoming part of any Twitter community it is a good strategy to mention active Twitterati in the conversation. To do so just add ‘@’ before their Twitter account name and the notification is sent to the concerned account holder. Think out of the box to interact in the on-going conversations. Similarly, if there are mentions for oneself then be sure to respond. In case the mentions are too many then prioritize it but try to respond for sure.

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In the process of active interactions be analytical to decide as when to take the private conversations with the customers into DM or email support precisely B2B client. Twitter is certainly the top choice to accentuate customer interaction but be decisive to take the conversation off the Twitter feed at the right time.

To increase the Twitter marketing impact, it is not limited to the count of followers instead it is largely powered by the organic engagement of targeted followers through meaningful and attractive tweets. The right use of 1-2 hashtags, posting tweets during peak hours and joining the Twitter chats escalates the social reach in the online world for offline sales conversions.  

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