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In today’s technological conditions, the need for a strong digital marketing strategy has been the focus of most business managers. Your computing business’ success will depend on its digital marketing strategy because the right approach leads to new customers, higher sales and long-term development.

Traditional digital marketing such as banner ads is no longer useful because they’re more likely to be ignored. It is now the manager’s job to keep up with the latest digital marketing strategies and turn visitors to sales. Here are some digital marketing tips for your computing business:

1. Consider the customer’s needs first

The customer is the person who gives your company its sales and profits; so it’s important to focus on building your online presence and developing the services or products you offer with your clients and consumers in mind. Some businesses are in a hurry to purchase ads and obtain traffic to make revenues through brute force.

A better technique is to focus first on retargeting, email capture and conversion rates to achieve and maintain customers in a cost-efficient way. Consider user experience and its impact on SEO.

2. Update and audit SEO more often

You can probably attest to the excellent quality of your product or service. But is it reaching all the people it needs to target? SEO can significantly help your business achieve your desired audience and let them know about your brand.

Experts suggest updating your business’ SEO every quarter. Research the keywords that are good or bad for your brand.

3. Make blogging your primary lead generation tool

An excellent technique to drive traffic to your social media pages and your website is to publish relevant and helpful content, which also helps improve your rank in search engine results. Marketers who use this blogging technique are 13 times more likely to expect a better return of investment.

Companies that post blogs regularly are said to make 70 percent more leads than those who do not use the technique. Blogging will give your brand a voice and today’s consumer would instead buy from authentic brands than generic ones.

4. Host expert webinars and live events

There are different digital marketing resources that you can use in engaging your audience. Consider podcasts, webinars and online promotions of events. In streamlining the event promotion process, use a third party for a seamless experience.

Event technology platforms will help brands market and create events. Part of their service includes promoting ticket sales and managing the audience. By getting assistance for this task, you can concentrate on your goals and allow your customers to have a memorable experience with your brand.

5. Broaden and refine email distribution techniques

E-mail marketing remains as one of the most effective ways to reach your audience. And because it is virtually-free to do, it should be included in your toolkit. The opening of emails has increased on mobile devices since most people prefer to read their emails on their phone than their computer.

Email marketing is more effective than other notification forms such as SMS since they are convenient to access, free to use and have more room to convey a message. If you need to send large files to clients, consider using the help of third-party applications.

6. Don’t forget social media

Social media is arguably the most powerful tool to market any product or service. You need to determine what platform your target audience uses such as Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram and find out the best times to publish updates.

Practice social media engagement by responding to questions or starting a conversation. More than half of all consumers are on social media for customer service questions, so ensure that you stay part of the discussion to enable positive experience to clients.

7. Add mobile marketing tools

Even if your website looks good on the desktop, check if this is the same case for different devices. Ensure that you provide excellent website accessibility to your audience. Consumers look forward to consistency among platforms and smooth experience is more likely to encourage them to make a purchase.


Make sure that you stay authentic in all the mentioned strategies and once you develop that, your online presence will connect you to the perfect people looking for a service or product like yours. Creating a satisfying user experience in your website across all platforms should also be prioritized. Engage with the prospect and present clients using emails and social media to gain customer loyalty.

Samantha Dennis has been contributing articles to Six Gun as her platform in helping startups grow. Along with her passion for writing, Samantha writes articles which are focused on providing innovative strategies for small or new businesses to thrive and succeed. Samantha believes that even though startups are still neophytes in the business arena, using the right technologies and techniques can become their edge to stand out. Samantha loves to read books and bond with her family and friends when she is not writing.

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