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The hit E! show Revenge Body with Khloe Kardashian has helped hundreds of people achieve their weight loss goals. Not everyone gets the chance or even wants the opportunity to go on the show, but thanks to a couple of the trainers, fans now have tips to successful weight loss.

It is no secret that losing weight is hard. There is no magic pill and results don’t come immediately. However, achieving your health and wellness goal can be done with the help of a few tips from two Revenge Body trainers to help you get started.

Trainer Latreal Mitchell revealed people need to have small goals to achieve their bigger goals. She also believes that people need to take some attainable steps each week for success. Do not make small goals that are unrealistic. For example, meal prepping on a specific day or committing to go to the gym a certain amount of times in one week are good small attainable goals.


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Along with setting goals, it is also vital to write them down. According to Women’s Health, research has proven that when people write down their goals, they are more successful in achieving them. It is essential not only to write down the big goal but your weekly ones as well.

Next up is a tip from trainer Nicole Winhoffer, who suggests that people watch their favorite TV show at the gym. She shared that when people commit to only watching their beloved TV show when they sweat, workouts are not skipped. Plus, people will want to watch a whole episode which means more steps and longer workout. Well for that hour long shows anyway.



Both trainers agree that having a support group is essential to losing weight. Whether it is with friends in person or an online group, having the encouragement of others will help keep a person on track. There is also the enjoyment of watching and people others achieve their goals.

The last two tips everyone already knows but both trainers insist they are vital to weight loss success. People need to drink a lot of water and limit the amount of sugar they consume. The reasons are simple, less sugar equals weight loss and staying hydrated with water helps fight off those hunger pains.


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