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Motivational speaker Xolani Tshandu hosted a life coaching seminar in Khayelitsha on Saturday.

‘Get It Done’ was the theme, and the topics included planning and executing goals, creativity, fears, failure, focus, lack of motivation, lack of innovation persistence, uncertainty, procrastination, negative thoughts and feelings.

Zolani Barnes, Faith Bobotyana, Sifikile Zondi and Nomdakazana Sibalukhulu, topped the list of guest speakers.

Zondi encouraged the audience not to let their circumstances determine who they become.

“I started dreaming about the life I want to live and started acting on it,” he said.

Lungisa Swartbooi said: “Listening to black, successful speakers was very inspirational, because it meant I can make something of myself,” he said.

Swartbooi said he also learnt not to doubt his abilities and continue following his dreams.

Tshandu said the reason he started the seminars was after seeing the mindset of people in the townships.

“People in townships are somehow programmed to think that they cannot achieve anything because of their background, that is the mentality I want to change,” he said.

He said a lot of people have ideas but they do not believe in themselves and end up not acting on their ideas, which is what he is trying to instil to people; self-belief.

He added that people do not need to have money or resources to realize their dreams but one just needs to do something about what they believe in.

The speakers cited examples of their experiences and failures.

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