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MONROE, La (KNOE) – Kendra Jones, a rising media maven, has taken the internet by storm by creating extremely unique marketing strategies that have allowed her to grow and monetize her online brand and teach her clients how to do the same too. In February of 2015 when online coaching was just becoming a thing, with no prior knowledge or experience Kendra jumped head first into the online marketing world. Uncertain of how to navigate the unfamiliar territory, Jones became a student of her trade and quickly began implementing every new skill set learned along the way. Jones made it her mission to provide high-quality action-packed marketing and branding tips via blogging, webinars, and live streaming. Due to the eclectic nature of her delivery and style, Kendra soon became a sought out marketing expert and has now gone on to create the Rich Before Thirty Club. After learning the secret the sustaining wealth, Jones realized the importance of sharing her journey and empowering the generation coming behind her; thus Rich Before 30 was birthed.

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Rich Before Thirty is a club geared towards teaching aspiring millennial entrepreneurs financial literacy strategies to create and sustain long-term wealth using non-traditional streams of income. The ultimate goal of the RB 30 movement is to create a mastermind that serves as a safe space for millennials to gain insight on various ventures they can embark upon to create true financial stability before the age of 30. Members of The RB 30 club get access to hands-on mentorship, exclusive training, and resource materials that they otherwise most likely would not learn outside of the program.

Jones stated that prior to receiving mentorship through the RichWay Personal Enrichment Coaching Program, she was completely oblivious to certain wealth principles that have inevitably played a vital role in her success. “Financial Literacy isn’t something that is taught in depth in school. Society teaches us that there are limited means when attempting to create financial security and that a traditional job is the only true way to become secure, but RB 30 is here to serve as a reminder that it’s okay to defy the norms, Jones explained.” Millennials are often placed in a box and encouraged to take traditional routes, RB 30 celebrates and encourages this age group to be open to trying a variety of business models and ventures until finding what’s best suited for them.

Since the recent launch of the RB 30 club, Kendra has made it her mission to connect and collaborate with like-minded business entities that also have a desire to educate individuals on the importance of creating long-term wealth via multiple streams of income. As a result, the RB 30 Club teamed up with Laptop Lifestyle- a lifestyle brand whose sole mission is to educate individuals on business models that will allow them to work from anywhere. Both RB 30 and Laptop Lifestyle aim to help millennials create a life they don’t have to take breaks from by turning their dreams into realities. The overall goal of this movement is to create a global impact that allows individuals to walk in their purpose, live a debt-free lifestyle, break financial strongholds, and defy societal norms.

If you are interested in receiving a FREE copy of the Rich Before 30 Gameplan, learning more about the RB 30 Movement, or wanting more information how you can join the club, visit or email

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