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Make your Consumer's Wishlist your Marketing Strategy

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Leo Giel, CRO at YouAppi, highlights how marketers often miss the mark when it comes to fulfilling a customer’s wishlist in terms of holiday ads and marketing.

As we approach the crisp months of autumn, retailers are already preparing holiday marketing campaigns fit for the year’s most profitable season. Holiday shopping madness may seem far in the future for consumers, but the holiday season starts now for marketers who need to plan festive campaigns that will entice consumers to spend more than last year, which experienced the biggest increase since 2011.

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Fortunately, they may just have the money they need as reports show mobile ad spending is expected to grow another 20% this year to over $75Bn. Yet with this financial boost, marketers don’t always deliver what customers want for the holidays.

When Does the Most Wonderful Time of the Year Begin?

Holiday shopping experienced a 5.5% upswing in 2017 – the strongest season since the Great Recession. That means consumers are responding to all those cheery seasonal slogans and stories on their mobile device. Yet there are a few things they wish marketers would pay closer attention to.

It’s tempting to implement holiday messaging as soon as it’s confirmed around July. But, while customers enjoy the holidays, too much too soon can be detrimental to a seasonal campaign. As this lucrative season approaches, remember to prepare early, but be sensitive to your audience and don’t bombard them with Christmas messages in the heat of summer.

Making Shopping and Payments Merry & Bright

Consumers are willing to spend money especially when it comes to finding the perfect holiday gifts, but the way they prefer to buy on mobile doesn’t always mesh with the way brands prefer to sell. Marketers are biased toward in-app purchases and say they are the most effective form of mobile payment, but only 5% of consumers agree.

It’s a much simpler process for users to pay using credit card information from existing profiles as well as through platforms that allow them to save and access their account information, like PayPal. As marketers, our main goal during the holiday season is to give consumers the products they need and a straightforward payment process that inspires them to return to our apps. Rather than push for in-app purchases and other payment methods this year, allow your customers to have a say in their experience.

Another element that often leads consumers to abandon an app or mobile site, and consequently a virtual shopping cart full of very real products, is slow performance. In fact, over half of consumers will abandon a site if it takes more than three seconds to load. Make sure your mobile apps and sites are equipped to handle the high volume of traffic that holidays inspire.

Give the Gift of Video

As we work to fulfill consumers’ holiday wish lists, there are also certain formats where mobile consumers prefer to engage, and it’s in the marketer’s best interest to cater to these preferences. Video has proven particularly successful at holiday time. Last year Samsung, Apple and even M&Ms published videos that saw success globally, demonstrating how video gives brands a golden opportunity to personalize and connect directly with the consumer.  

In 2018 video content will see a surge in popularity. Not only will technology like virtual reality continue to create new and exciting platforms for video, but mobile video alone is expected to rise 8.7% over the next year. Mobile video is opening marketers eyes to an effective channel through which they can reach consumers in a more personalized way. Nearly three-quarters of consumers prefer mobile video marketing rather than text and other alerts, yet surprisingly, only 15% of marketers used video in their 2017 holiday mobile campaigns.

Clearly, there is an open opportunity to meet your customer with engaging content they want and choose, rather than a blast of pushed messages that can feel obtrusive and unwelcome. One form of mobile video offers a particularly noteworthy value exchange between the end user and the brand: rewarded video – also known as “opt-in ads” – will take consumer engagement to the next level.

Making video actionable, and in most cases shoppable, is the next frontier brands are embracing. Shoppable videos send customers directly to links where they can find additional information about featured items or pages as well as buy products. Online video is quickly becoming a competitive space, so establish your brand now as a leader in the platform by utilizing the give-and-take opportunity of rewarded video and making you video shoppable.

As the biggest retail season of the year approaches, it’s time to ramp up your brand’s mobile app activity and make it shopping-spree ready, equipped with in-app, rewarded video. Play to your brand’s strengths and capitalize on the immense opportunity video presents. Pleasing the customer by understanding their needs and taking advantage of the unique opportunities the season offers are the keys to seeing big return for the holidays.

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