Eagles Sunday motivation: A more optimistic date for Carson Wentz's return

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A very reliable source for NFL news has some good stuff for Philadelphia Eagles fans. He believes Carson Wentz may be ready prior to October.

We’ve got some news on Carson Wentz, but first thing’s first. Never has it ever been called ‘Sunday Motivation’. We know that. There’s no need to send the emails. Typically, Sundays are pretty cool. Many of you are off. Football is on, though the Philadelphia Eagles didn’t participate in the first slate of Sunday games for 2018’s football season.

Nope. The Eagles had already taken care of business on Thursday. Still, even with a day off, the football world is never short on some Eagles news. Here’s some that couldn’t wait until Monday morning.

Yep. We call this one ‘Sunday Motivation’.

Here’s some good news, courtesy of the ‘Mort Report’.

When we were all finally given the news that Carson Wentz wasn’t starting versus the Atlanta Falcons, what we were told was the likely timetable for his return would be sometime around October.

No one wanted to hear that, but it was cool.

Here’s something cooler. On Sunday, while most of you were preparing to watch the Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants get their tails kicked (or enjoying a Sunday morning church service), one of the mainstays of ESPN’s Sunday NFL Countdown, Chris Mortensen, was giving Eagles fans a reason to smile.

According to ‘Mort’, there’s optimism that Wentz could be back sooner than later. A Week 3 return may not be out of the equation, though he hasn’t been ruled out for Week 2 either.

Give this one a gander:

As good as all of that sounds, Philly should be fine over the course of the first few games with Nick Foles at the helm. Sure, everyone wants to see the franchise, but as we’ve mentioned over and over again, no one wants him on the field too early either.

Remember what happened when Robert Griffith III? He came back too early and was never the same. Impatience may have cost ‘RG3‘ his career.

Take your time Mr. Wentz. Take your time.

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