To keep Warriors motivated, Kerr will change up team's routine

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In an effort to keep things fresh and new with his team after they won three of the last four NBA championships, Warriors head coach Steve Kerr is planning on making some changes this upcoming season.

Kerr however, isn’t going to change how the Warriors play. Instead, Kerr will change up Golden State’s routine when it comes to practicing and having morning shootarounds.

“We have our coaching retreat and that’s going to be the major topic of discussion,” Kerr told Scott Ostler of the San Francisco Chronicle. “My gut is to change some things up, to change our routine a little bit. We’ve basically been doing the same thing for four years.

“We’re not going to change our style of play. We’ll definitely add a few plays for DeMarcus (Cousins) down on the block. But for the most part, we’re not going to change who we are.

“I do think in order to keep their interest, and to keep them fresh, we’ve got to change some aspects of our routine, and we’ll see what that means. Could mean altering or even getting rid of shootarounds, (or) only having shootarounds occasionally. Could mean changing the structure of practice, changing the amount of time we’re on the floor, maybe mixing up some different drills.”

Kerr’s plans for next season may seem very simple on the surface. But remember, Golden State’s focus was at times inconsistent last season and now that they are coming off a second straight championship, their attention during the regular season could be even more lackadaisical this upcoming year. Kerr is well aware of this, which is why he is doing everything in his power to keep the Warriors motivated and energized during the regular season so that they can achieve their ultimate goal of winning a third straight championship.

“I’ll ask you if you know the answer,” Kerr queried. “Do you know the last time a team went to the Finals five years in a row? I don’t know the exact answer, you can look it up. (Answer: The Celtics went 10 years in a row, ’57 to ’66; the Lakers, ’82 to ’85, and Celtics, ’84 to ’87, each went four times in a row.)

“None of the modern-era iconic teams have done it. Not the Bulls, Spurs, Lakers, Celtics of the ’80s. There’s a reason. It’s a difficult challenge. Summers get shorter and shorter, teams are getting better and better. The motivation to get the first championship is palpable every single day during the season, and after you win a few it’s harder to generate that same type of energy and enthusiasm.

“And that’s where the coaching creativity comes into play, and that’s when your internal (player) leadership comes into play.”

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