Motivation from Maddy – FOX Sports North + DQ Host Surprise with Gillette

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– Meet Maddie from Cottage Grove, Minnesota. She has spina bifida, but also so much more. She's compassionate, engaging, and often sarcastic. Her mission is to inspire other kids and let them know that anything is possible.

CROWD: Surprise!


– Fox Sports North and Dairy Queen teamed up with Gillette Children's Specialty Healthcare to stage a surprise for Maddie.

– All of us here at Fox Sports North, DQ, and Gillette are gonna send you and your family to a Twins game!


– Yay!


– Are you super-excited?

– Yeah.

– Miracle Treat Day is a big program that Dairy Queen does all across the US to support children's hospitals, and here at Gillette and in the state of Minnesota, Miracle Treat Day has helped fund a therapy pool, it's helped fund telemedicine in our clinics in greater Minnesota, and really supported ways for us to better serve kids like Maddie who have complex rare traumatic conditions.

– Sorry, Mom, you don't get any of my cake.

– You know, their strength and their ability to kind of keep on keeping on despite having to undergo surgeries and come to the hospital and deal with doctors pretty continually, they always got a smile on their face, and they're just super-resilient.

MIKE HEALY: I think it just– it helps all the kids, and I think that that's really something that's– that's important, and we like to have the opportunity to keep helping the kids and the DQ Blizzard Day and all of those things are a big and important part of that.


– Oh, yeah. I'm super-excited about this.



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