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Infographic: How to put customers at the heart of your marketing strategy

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By Brendan Gannon | Posted: June 18, 2018

It’s not enough to produce great content; you must create the right resources.

To achieve content marketing success, you must first identify who it is you
should be targeting. Use data to see who is interacting with your content
and develop material that is relevant and beneficial to those customers.

Not only will this increase the likelihood of converting leads into sales,
it can also help you retain customers and create brand loyalists.

An infographic from Vennli describes the
essential steps for creating a customer-centric marketing strategy that can
help boost conversions and sales.

It includes:

  • Analyze your buyers to identify who they are.
  • Craft compelling messaging.
  • Provide ongoing content to ensure customers stay engaged.


Write clear, bold prose that captivate audiences and promotes business goals

The full infographic below offers tactics for developing a marketing
strategy that is beneficial to both you and your customers.

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