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Self-Help Parody STOP STOPPING THE UNSTOPPABLE Begins at March This Week

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Everyone wants to be as successful as Hollywood stars, don't they? "Transformation Artist to the Stars" Dale Thornhammer, played by comedian and YouTube star Ross Everett, will take Marsh audiences through a life-changing tutorial offering a satirical look at the world of personal development and motivational seminars, with Stop Stopping the Unstoppable. Parodying the self-important inspirational tactics of spiritual gurus and self-help evangelists, this solo show at The Marsh creates an experience filled with audience participation that has one laughing, thinking, loving, and growing, while exploring topics such as relationships, manifestation, and harnessing energy. This "functional" parody Stop Stopping the Unstoppable will be presented June 22-July 28, 2018 (press opening: June 23) with performances at 8:00pm Fridays and 8:30pm Saturdays at The Marsh San Francisco, 1062 Valencia St., San Francisco. For tickets ($20-$35 sliding scale, $55-$100 reserved), the public may visit or call The Marsh box office at 415-282-3055 (open 1pm-4pm, Monday through Friday).

Stop Stopping the Unstoppable has been performed throughout the world, at theaters in Australia, New York, and Los Angeles. Critics have called it "uplifting, satisfying, comedic" (Broadway World), and "between belly-laughs, it's also easy to be completely enraptured" (Great Scott Media).

Ross Everett is an award-winning actor, comedian, Internet personality, writer, and Bay Area native who trained at the prestigious École Philippe Gaulier in Paris. His YouTube videos have been viewed more than 20 million times, landing him on the front pages of Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, and Reddit. He's written for SMOSH, The Annoying Orange, and SourceFed, and his comedy has been featured on NBC, Hulu, Fox, and Sirius XM. Everett has been involved in both online and traditional media since 2009 when he graduated from The University of Arizona. Producing online content for himself and others, he has worked with Maker Studios, Big Frame, and Discovery Digital Networks, among many others. He has also worked with countless name brands including Tapout VTC, Think Thin, and Harry's Razors making him an expert in brand/creator relations with an ability to create strong, humorous, and natural feeling branded content.

The Marsh is known as “a breeding ground for new performance.” It was launched in 1989 by Founder and Artistic Director Stephanie Weisman, and now annually hosts more than 600 performances of 175 shows across the company's two venues in San Francisco and Berkeley. A leading outlet for solo performers, The Marsh's specialty has been hailed by the San Francisco Chronicle as “solo performances that celebrate the power of storytelling at its simplest and purest.” The East Bay Times named The Marsh one of Bay Area's best intimate theaters, calling it “one of the most thriving solo theaters in the nation. The live theatrical energy is simply irresistible.”

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