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Four Signs It's Time To Revamp Your Digital Marketing Strategy

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Every online business competes daily for market share. This field also becomes more competitive as new businesses enter the online arena. One of the best aspects of an online business is that customers and clients can come from anywhere. This is also one of the worst aspects, as competitors for the same demographic can literally come from around the globe.

Digital marketing agencies must create, implement and manage successful strategies so that their clients’ online enterprises achieve their goals. This article discusses the four key signs that indicate a once successful digital marketing strategy has run its course, and what to do about it.

1. Falling Off Google’s Radar: ‘Where have all my rankings gone?’

A primary objective of a successful search engine optimization (SEO) campaign is to increase a website’s visibility to consumers searching online for a brand’s products or services. Most online businesses achieve a measure of success through SEO. Over time, however, some strategies begin to falter and must be supplemented or revamped. Otherwise, rankings may be lost permanently. Unless trends are noted and reversed, other key metrics such as traffic, conversions and revenues will likely decline also.

There are many reasons that rankings drop. Chief among them is the technical aspects of your website. Search engines like Google take into account site speed, structure, security and usability when deciding how well a website ranks. These parameters change often and are up to each search engine’s discretion. A site could rank very well for years only to discover that Google now wants sites to have responsive designs that work on all mobile devices. Not having this could cause you to disappear from the searches.

Your site’s keyword list must also be scrutinized and updated, and any that are no longer performing well must be removed and replaced with more relevant search terms. Related site pages must be updated, as well. Also, for a business to reach its potential online, an SEO campaign must be continuous. A solid, ongoing SEO campaign as part of an overall digital marketing strategy ensures an online enterprise not only stays in business but thrives.

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