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Ask the Expert: 5 Tips for CPAP Success

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(KUTV) Salt Lake City – Today on Fresh Living David Moon, a Respiratory Therapist with Intermountain Outreach, sat down with Kari & Brooke with some tips for using and maintaining Continuous Positive Airway Pressure machines.

  1. Cleaning/changing your supplies- Wash your mask after use every day, Wash all equipment as directed, minimum weekly, Wash your face immediately before putting on your mask, Change filters or clean them as scheduled.
  2. Fix Leaks- If your mask is leaking, might need a new cushion or headgear.
  3. Watch out for tender spots- If you have skin breakage and skin redness, make sure you are washing, check your cushion, let heal, but understand why there is skin breakage.
  4. Practice using your CPAP, if you are not using it, it is not doing you any good- Daytime practice, incrementally increase your usage, wear your mask more often (even if you’re not hooked up).
  5. Own your sleep! Follow up with sleep professional at least annually, Don’t be a victim; Take ownership of your sleep apnea and sleep therapy.

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