Motivation Tips on Getting Back in the Gym

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo – Whether you're starting a new fitness routine or cleaning up your diet, motivation may get you started, but having a little help from a friend can help you go the distance.

According to a recent study, 77 percent of respondents found that their schedule got in the way of their healthy habits; however, more than 60 percent of people were able to stick to their routine when paired up with a wellness buddy. Studies have also found that bringing on a partner to help stick to a diet or exercise regimen kept them honest and yielded better results.
Wellness Coach Jeannine Morris shares three reasons why having someone join you on your health journey will help you get started and conquer your goals. She also discusses' how you can get involved in Nature Made's Healthy Together campaign, which provides tips from experts to help maintain a healthy lifestyle and how you can win prizes.

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