In Billboard exclusive, yesterday, the global pop icon Pitbull announced that he’ll be embarking on a motivational tour in 2019. During his question-and-answer session at the Billboard Latin Music Conference in Las Vegas on Wednesday, he also shared the news that the iconic self-help guru Tony Robbins will be joining him for this new endeavor.

Pitbull’s mother was a big fan of Robbins, so growing up, the life coach was a household name. As Pitbull became a famed recording artist, he eventually met Robbins and the two became friends. The two have a public history dating back to at least 2016, when Robbins spoke during the ceremony honoring the artist he received the 2,584th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Robbins has clearly affected Pitbull’s outlook on the music industry, with the rapper offering thoughts on how motivation plays a role in the release of his new music. As noted in the Billboard article, Pitbull noted that his new single, “The Roof Is On Fire”, will not be released on Spotify, hoping that this back-to-basics, pre-Internet approach will motivate fans to seek out and find the track independently. “I even told [my] team not to register it,” he added, solidifying his independent approach to music releases.

During his chat, Pitbull noted that “I’m just being a revolutionary to wake everybody else.” Outside of the music industry, the Miami-born rapper opened a public Florida charter school in 2013 called the Sports Leadership And Management Academy (SLAM), that focuses on drawing in students who love sports but find school boring.

As for Pitbull’s motivational tour with Tony Robbins, there are still relatively few details outside the fact that they’re planning to embark on the new joint project in 2019.

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