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Workshop to educate young women on self-care practices

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Many young women find themselves caught in unhealthy relationships from which they cannot seem to escape.

Evelyn Timmons, a retired officer from the Brunswick Police Department, wants to help.

Timmons will host the first “Retreat for Females” tomorrow from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at HIS Ministries, 2009 Norwich Street in Brunswick.

The event, open to women ages 16-21, is intended to empower its participants to take control of their bodies and their relationships.

The topics discussed will include avoiding and treating sexually-transmitted infections, improving self-esteem, escaping abusive relationships and encouraging healthy dating practices.

“Our young women are in crisis right now, and this is a must for these women,” Timmons said. “You look around, and you have so many young girls that are being abused by young men that they think are good for them but they’re really not. They’re getting beaten up by young men, and they’re in abusive relationships that they don’t have to be in.”

Timmons will bring in several volunteers to talk with the women.

Amity House representatives will talk about healthy dating and a nurse from Savannah will discuss STIs and self-care.

Taylor Ward, who won Miss Teen Georgia in 2017, will talk to the women about self-esteem and social media representation.

The event is free to participants. It’s being sponsored by Timmons’ church, Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church in Richmond Hill.

“We’re bringing it to Brunswick because I’m a native of Brunswick,” said Timmons, who lives in McIntosh County.

Timmons said she’s seen an outpouring of support for the initiative.

“Everywhere I went, every person I asked to do something, they said yes,” Timmons said. “… No one turned me down.”

Timmons said she hopes the workshop will help young women in bad relationships feel emboldened to get out.

“We have to empower these young ladies in unhealthy relationships — you can stand up and you can say no to these young men … You can walk away,” Timmons said.

Many young women can benefit from this guidance, Timmons said.

“They don’t realize that you can walk away from this relationship because it’s unhealthy for you,” she said. “Young ladies are also ending up with sexually transmitted infections and they often don’t know what to do … This is your body, and you have to take care of it. You only have one.”

Those wishing to register for the event can call Timmons at 912-277-7126.

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