Pacific Rim 3 Would Explore the Precursors' Motivation

Pacific Rim Uprising director Steven S. DeKnight has revealed a potential third movie would explore the motives of franchise villains the Precursors. DeKnight took of the reins of the Pacific Rim series when Guillermo del Toro left to direct The Shape Of Water. John Boyega also took over leading man duties from Charlie Hunnam, with Uprising picking up ten years after the end of the original movie.

While Pacific Rim Uprising doesn’t do much to evolve the formula of the original, it’s an entertaining blockbuster and adds a few interesting twists to the mythology. The movie again reveals that the Precursors – sinister beings from another dimension – are behind the kaiju attacks, and the ending of the sequel suggests humanity isn’t going to wait around for another attack.

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Both Pacific Rim movies present the Precursors as villains intent on the destruction of mankind, but in a new interview with Den Of Geek, DeKnight revealed a potential third movie would present them in a more complicated light:

You know, to me there’s an undercurrent that I wanted to get out there: unfortunately, in the world right now, there seems to be a rampant nationalist, xenophobic fear taking over. That anything different is terrifying and monstrous. So you have these creatures coming from another world, and of course, everyone thinks they’re terrible and bad. I won’t go into detail, but I have this interesting idea for the third movie to really blow that up.

Pacific Rim Precursor Concept Art Pacific Rim 3 Would Explore the Precursors Motivation

Confirming the Precursors aren’t necessarily all evil and compared them to Kingpin from Marvel’s DaredevilTV show.

Right. And to me, it’s always great if you take what you think is a villain, and really explain why they’re doing what they’re doing. Then it starts to feel more ambiguous. It’s what I loved about the first season of Daredevil we did with Wilson Fisk – a man who’s doing terrible things, but we worked on making the audience understand why he was doing them, and sometimes rooting for him more than Matt Murdoch.

Both the Precursors and kaiju have been presented as unthinking monsters in previous movies, so it would be an intriguing twist on the franchise formula to learn otherwise. That said, the Pacific Rim movies are essentially big budget cartoons and are best engaged on that level, so there’s probably going to be a limit to how much a third movie will flesh out the bad guys.

DeKnight has also hinted in previous interviews that Pacific Rim 3 would open up the universe, and allow for a crossover with Legendary’s MonsterVerse. Legendary is building their own expanded universe of kaiju movies with Godzilla and King Kong, which will lead to a natural showdown in Godzilla Vs Kong. Some fans think a crossover between the three franchises is a given, but Legendary has indicated that isn’t the case, and while DeKnight would love to link them all together, he’s admitted the call isn’t his to make.

So far a third movie hasn’t even been confirmed, though Pacific Rim: Uprising is pulling in healthy box office numbers so far, so at least one more trip into the Breach feels likely.

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Source: Den Of Geek

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