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CHARLEMONT — In a part of Franklin County that still lacks high speed, reliable internet, Elise Skibik is teaching businesses how to use Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Skibik of Charlemont started a home-based business this year called Sky High Marketing, to help local businesses better reach old and new customers through online sites.

“I started this business in January, but I have been doing this (social media marketing) for years,” says Skibik. For about 12 years, Skibik had helped her mother run a bed and breakfast, and that’s where she learned the ins and outs of social media marketing.

Skibik’s first client was the Mohawk Park Restaurant and Campground, where her husband works as a chef. At the onset, co-owners Deb and Paul Fantucchio were unfamiliar with social media marketing and didn’t see how it could help their business.

“As a help for them to get into social media, I did this as a favor,” Skibik said. “They said last year was their busiest in 30 years.”

Their success inspired Skibik to look at other local businesses that could be helped through online social media and marketing.

With Mohawk Park camp ground customers coming from out-of-state, Skibik posted online ads for the campground on travel sites, reaching new prospective customers and more young people, who spend more time online.

“We were targeting ads to (regular) customers and to different customers, because this is a camp ground. Online advertising is inexpensive,” Skibik said. “I was running ads for as little as five dollars. Forty-nine dollars was the most we spent on an ad, and one ad reached over 8,900 (nonlocal) people and about 20,000 local people,” she said.

She said the online ads can be placed in categories matching people’s interests — such as food, drink, skiing, or outdoor recreation. “If I’m running a special for camping, I would go into a few states nearby and put these ads under camping, recreation, fishing, kayaking or ziplining,” she said.

Skibik helps businesses set up social media sites through Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and keep track of how well these sites are doing. She also sets up business websites, email subscriber services, and Facebook promotional ads. “Websites are still wanted, because a lot of people aren’t on Facebook, but are online a lot of times per day.”

Deb Fantucchio says the restaurant and campground has gotten excellent feedback on its online sites. “It’s a good tool — it really is,” said Fantucchio. “She does a really good job. … It’s made a difference — that’s for sure.”

Sky High Marketing services require a $100 startup fee, with new clients offered a $25 discount with a $100 purchase. Skibik also offers weekly or biweekly management of social media and internet websites. She generally meets with clients weekly or monthly, to review the ads and sites, post photos or update them.

For more information, contact Skibik at 413-522-7911 or email or visit her blog at:

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